Day 20: The Red Square #transsiberianwriters #woctakerussia #writingchallenge

It's our last night in Moscow. There is so much to share and describe. The pictures don't do the people justice. It was a magical day. Today we reflect and tonight we dance. * * C2C 1. Enjoy the day and our last night. 2. Dancing in Moscow Writing Prompt: 1. How have your characters… Continue reading Day 20: The Red Square #transsiberianwriters #woctakerussia #writingchallenge

Day 19: Back in the USSR! #transsiberianwriters #writingchallenge

There's a reason why I planned our trip this way I wanted to start at the end to arrive at our final destination. That's how I feel about my story. What happens at the end? Who is my character? What has her journey? Who are my main characters when the chapter closes? Starting in Vladivostok… Continue reading Day 19: Back in the USSR! #transsiberianwriters #writingchallenge

Day 18: Rumbo Moscow #transsiberianwriters

Today I took the time to smell the flowers and made it a point to document as many beautiful things as I could find. Next stop is Moscow! We arrive in the morning. It's our last night on the train. There are no words to describe what this journey has been like for me. *… Continue reading Day 18: Rumbo Moscow #transsiberianwriters