FYF ~ Chapters 17 & 18 #FYFLove #audiobook

I didn't always like her. We have had our differences and arguments. When I could step back and see my mother as a woman first, not this ideal, mythical archetype and fantasy. But a woman with her own needs. Her own dreams. Her own history. Her own wounds. This is where the healing begins to… Continue reading FYF ~ Chapters 17 & 18 #FYFLove #audiobook

Writing as a Meditation ~ Day 11

As I wake today in Syracuse I am so happy to be near my daughter. No one feeds my inspiration quite like her. She is who I write about... She is my muse. It's girls like her who walk in the world and inspire me. They give me hope. Give me strength. Nourish my spirit.… Continue reading Writing as a Meditation ~ Day 11