The Writing Coach ~ launches today!!!

For over seven years I have facilitated many writing workshops, curated showcases, and have spoken at some of the largest universities all over the United States and Latin America. Over the years I have discovered that the support, encouragement and sacred space I have created and provided for many writers here in the New York… Continue reading The Writing Coach ~ launches today!!!

You are more than this!

“Being thinned skinned… I hate lies. I can’t bare them! Not understanding the power of the truth. Truth is so powerful. I never understood why people make things up...” “But if you become thick skinned it will destroy your sensitivity as an artist. So I don’t mind saying I’m thin skinned!” Barbra Streisand I have… Continue reading You are more than this!

Are you willing?

  “Woman is… the Master of her thoughts, the molder of her character, and the maker and shaper of her condition, environment, and destiny. As a being of Power, Intelligence and Love, and the Lord of her own thoughts, woman holds the key to every situation, and contains within herself that transforming and regenerative agency… Continue reading Are you willing?

Afrolatinos seeks staff for EL ULTIMO LLAMADO charity event!

For five years we have put everything on the line towards the success and completion of this amazing project and today we reach out to you because we can’t do this alone. We are writing to request your help with the Afrolatinos: UNLLAMADO Campaign and Charity Benefit scheduled for June 1st in New York. Help… Continue reading Afrolatinos seeks staff for EL ULTIMO LLAMADO charity event!

The Urgency of this Message! Un Llamado!

(New York--May 14, 2013) In May 2008 Renzo Devia and Alicia Anabel Santos started a journey that no one has embarked on before. They set out to travel throughout every country in Latin America to study and document Afro Latino communities. The mission was to learn extensively about the culture and history and share their… Continue reading The Urgency of this Message! Un Llamado!

The Queer Latin@

I am absolutely honored to be invited to this years LUCHA event: a panel discussion to help raise the awareness of the LGBT Movement for equal rights in both Latin America and the United States. LUCHA is holding an open discussion about the Queer community and its impact in the Latino community! Join me tomorrow,… Continue reading The Queer Latin@