Day 9 ~ WFW Morning Session #greatfiction

Good morning writers, This morning we are continuing to add to our characters and their storyline. Not every story has a perfectly packaged ending. Not every book is a happily ever after story. In the novel I am working on I write about loss and horrendous experiences. Today we are really honing in what is… Continue reading Day 9 ~ WFW Morning Session #greatfiction

Day 8 ~ WFW Morning Session

Good morning writers, Great stories… the most memorable stories… have characters we deeply care about. Each day this week I will be giving you writing prompts designed to assist you with developing your characters. We as individuals grow through learned experiences, so do our characters. We must put them in many uncomfortable and honest situations… Continue reading Day 8 ~ WFW Morning Session

Starting from zero! #nanowrimo

Good morning my beloved writers! As OYA is blowing fierce winds, the rain is cold, the day seems dark... Beyond our perception is where beauty resides. There is a story to be written. A history to be preserved. A legacy to be passed down. Something aching to be told. We can no longer run from… Continue reading Starting from zero! #nanowrimo