#8: AMARA “LA NEGRA" #AFROLATINASTOKNOW *** When I decided to share my list of #afrolatinastoknow I did so because it was important for me that our little black and brown girls, high school girls, college girls see themselves reflected. I am celebrating women that I admire for their scholarship and contributions to fighting for, defending and owning… Continue reading #AFROLATINASTOKNOW ~ #8: AMARA LA NEGRA

Will the REAL black girl please stand up!

These are the types of conversations I love having... It's incredibly important that we come to a space of self acceptance. It is about deciding for ourselves who we choose to be... on our own terms. Where individually, we self identify as we so choose and come to a place of embracing ALL that we… Continue reading Will the REAL black girl please stand up!