An Artist’s Worth! The Artist Series Part 1 of 3

“We can’t pay you!” “Will you speak at my school for free?” “Its not in the budget!” “That’s not a real job!” “You’re a writer? That’s a nice hobby!” “You’re a writer? I have a great story, you should write my book!” “I want to pursue writing. Do you think you can read my work… Continue reading An Artist’s Worth! The Artist Series Part 1 of 3

Finally Free

Excerpted from Finding Your Force, Chapter 13 2005 Finally Free~ It was freezing that December 31st it was my last day EVER walking into that building. I would never have to walk back into KB’s office. I would never see those people again. After everything that I had been through the head of HR was… Continue reading Finally Free

Finding the Light in a Laugh

Excerpted from Finding Your Force Prayer: I know that there are NO OBSTACLES~ that all that you put in my path is for my learning… for my greater good. Please help me to release the poison inside of me. I’m miserable, unhappy and feeling unfulfilled in my life. Spiritually I know what I need to… Continue reading Finding the Light in a Laugh

The Day You Saved My Life

Chapter Two: Finding Your Force Our beginnings / Summer 1991 I remember the first time your abuela and I found out. We went to see this bruja in Providence, RI. The room was dark, candles lit everywhere. San Miguel hanging on the wall, images of unfamiliar saints were on the floor, and this older woman… Continue reading The Day You Saved My Life

Forgetting the Dream ~

Writing Towards Manifestation Day 2 ~ Forgetting the Dream! Part 2: The Tale of the Far Off Land… There is something calling saying LET ME OUT! How have I gotten comfortable? How have I regressed? How have I blocked myself? I am waking up from a deep sleep. After many months of staying comfortable, of… Continue reading Forgetting the Dream ~

Falling Asleep on the Dream ~ Writing Towards Manifestation ~ Day 1

Writing Towards Manifestation ~ Falling Asleep on the Dream! Part 1: The Tale of the Far Off Land… I have been asleep for most 2014. I am meditating on this truth this morning. Yesterday I realized something important for my life: when I am moving there is much I accomplish. When I am searching I… Continue reading Falling Asleep on the Dream ~ Writing Towards Manifestation ~ Day 1

Writing Towards Manifestation!

Something powerful happened to me this morning. I was moving around the house getting ready for work when I started to really think about what I haven't been doing. I was thinking about how much time has been wasted. Specifically, how much time I have spent feeling sad! Today I finally shifted my thoughts a… Continue reading Writing Towards Manifestation!

Writing as a Meditation ~ Day 20

As I wake up this morning I am meditating on the keynote I am delivering in a few days. My key messages around the future, success and legacies. Our words are what moves and shifts the universe to conspire in our favor! I read that in the Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho. So many quotes from… Continue reading Writing as a Meditation ~ Day 20