#DearAgent ~ Day 3: Writing is Not Taught!

   As writers we are constantly becoming.  Everything that surrounds us informs who we are. We writers often talk about "writers block" as this thing that keeps us from coming to the page.  I feel that what blocks us is that we are consumed. There are so many things that keep us from coming to… Continue reading #DearAgent ~ Day 3: Writing is Not Taught!

#DearAgent ~ Day 2

Dear Agent, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?  I am working on an incredible story about amazing people and need your help What's the first thing that comes to your mind when you see those words:     WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? What is that thing that you tell yourself is the reason you don't have… Continue reading #DearAgent ~ Day 2

Dear Agent ~ Day 1

#DearAgent, You will receive hundreds, maybe even thousands of solicited and unsolicited requests in the history of your career. You will receive mountains of manuscripts and screenplays that perhaps you may never read. I could go the traditional route of sending you all countless letters that I may or may not get a response to.… Continue reading Dear Agent ~ Day 1