Ask for what you want! Watch it arrive!

Ask for what you want! Watch it arrive! Last night was an evening of transformation. I attended the most empowering film screening for a documentary entitled, “Nosotros, Afro-Peruanos” (We, Afro-Peruvians). The Director, Gabriella Watson shares her journey of self-discovery and provides us with a history lesson on the African Diaspora in Peru. She was born… Continue reading Ask for what you want! Watch it arrive!

Symbolism, Rituals and Spiritual Practice!

AMAZING NEWS FAMILY!!! Last night we reached over 100,000 people and over 50,000 accounts! This is fantastic!!! We are power in numbers! I want to shout out everyone who participated last night during our conversation on Religion. Some highlights from last night: “RT @MrBeardRed: @DiosaDominicana un ejemplo es los sacrificios, la música, las ofrendas y… Continue reading Symbolism, Rituals and Spiritual Practice!