The breakdown to the breakthrough!

The month of October has blessed me with so much. 15 years ago I lost everything and kept my commitment to become a writer and never looked back, ten years ago it was the birth of the NYCLWG and the Daughters of the Revolution, 8 years ago I was traveling with Afrolatinos Tele to work… Continue reading The breakdown to the breakthrough!

Day 107: Writing/Riding Tsunamis #dearagent #wewrite

Dear Agent, It is rare when I remember a dream. And this dream in particular is one I can’t get out of my mind. Its nighttime. Pitch black! I am at a house on the beach. I see things laid on the sand. Not sure if it's dead animals washed up. The water seems so… Continue reading Day 107: Writing/Riding Tsunamis #dearagent #wewrite

Day 106: Stay In The Moment! #dearagent #wewrite

Dear Agent; We are tempted to move on to the next thing. We tend to want to move away from the harder topics we're writing quickly. There will be moments that make us so uncomfortable we avoid going beneath the surface and sitting in the crap. There are moments when a subject will disturb us in… Continue reading Day 106: Stay In The Moment! #dearagent #wewrite

The Handout and Starving for Art!

Dedicated to the starving artist, the struggling artist, the committed artist, the brave artist, the relentless artist, the person with their hand out, the person with passion, desire, and a dream... This post really struck a chord for me... and it is a trigger. I love you Leslie for getting mad... there is an issue… Continue reading The Handout and Starving for Art!

Nepal Trip ~ Day 21: Connecting to Passion and Reflection

"Do you feel connected to your passion?" This is what Yamuna asked me as were coming down the mountain. Do I feel connected to my passion? This time on the mountain has brought me closer to my passion and what I am here to do. Before I started this journey I began to doubt. I… Continue reading Nepal Trip ~ Day 21: Connecting to Passion and Reflection

An Artist’s Worth! The Artist Series Part 1 of 3

“We can’t pay you!” “Will you speak at my school for free?” “Its not in the budget!” “That’s not a real job!” “You’re a writer? That’s a nice hobby!” “You’re a writer? I have a great story, you should write my book!” “I want to pursue writing. Do you think you can read my work… Continue reading An Artist’s Worth! The Artist Series Part 1 of 3

Can You Hear That? #20daysofgratitude

Whispers in the winds... something is trying to find you... something is making its way to you... Can you hear that? Day 2 I am grateful for texts from my sister's at exactly the moments I need them most. I am grateful for vulnerability and tears through both acts I am cleansed and healed and… Continue reading Can You Hear That? #20daysofgratitude

Writing as a Meditation ~ Day 24

Friday, October 24th As I wake up this morning I dreamt about initiations. This process of accepting a new way of life. A process of accepting a different path one that you weren't raised with yet feel a pull towards. Initiations like an indoctrination into a new way of viewing the world and my spiritual… Continue reading Writing as a Meditation ~ Day 24