WTF is Going On ~ Ep. 227

WTF is going on in the world? What is happening to humanity? You can be exceptional, but there are no exceptions. Mental illness does not have a color. The truth is many people with money are dealing with the same demons the rest of us are dealing with. We can see someone who looks put… Continue reading WTF is Going On ~ Ep. 227

Literature is a Gift from the Writer

"I don't like thinking that what I write comes from or is synonymous to a dream. I've heard writers speaking about novels as being extended dreams. I don't like that because dreams, to me, mean selfish gestures. I like the other notion that literature is a GIFT from the WRITER to the reader." ~ Richard… Continue reading Literature is a Gift from the Writer

Walk as slow as you can… you will arrive!

People come into our lives to teach us something. Yes all people come into our lives for a reason. I spent some time in my daughter's grandfather's art workshop. I looked at each of his paintings. His many paints and brushes intact... everything exactly as he left them.  Life will move on... But the memory… Continue reading Walk as slow as you can… you will arrive!

Meditation ~ How do we show up in the world?

What energy do we bring into a space, a party, a gathering, an event... ? How will you show up today? What energy are you choosing to vibrate from? My meditation today is on how I show up in the world! Today I will choose to be LIGHT, LOVE, patience, humility and compassion. What five… Continue reading Meditation ~ How do we show up in the world?