Nuyorican Women Writers! @nyclwg #woc #latinas

  Over the years I have met many aspiring writers. I have written with and performed alongside the emerging... These women are no longer emerging. They have created platforms, published books and created their own spaces where their voices can and will be heard. Tomorrow is a special evening in their honor. I am so… Continue reading Nuyorican Women Writers! @nyclwg #woc #latinas

Canvas of Words Preserving Our Roots- 10/11

There are people doing things... and then there are people doing their THANG!!!!! Doing BIG things! This woman... this sister right here! Wendy Angulo! She is everything. She cares about things. She cares about our culture and preserving our ROOTS! She cares about US! She is a movement in the making! If you don't know… Continue reading Canvas of Words Preserving Our Roots- 10/11

Stories that Need to be Heard~ An interview by HowlRound

I am honored to have been asked to join a wonderful conversation between playwrights in HowlRound on creating spaces where women of color can be supported! EXCERPT: "Karen Evans’ comment in the interview, “I don’t think I’m going to be part of this party, ever,” made me think of talented authors such as Julia Alvarez… Continue reading Stories that Need to be Heard~ An interview by HowlRound