A Place of My Own

In this episode I share how I’ve been feeling around the question: What do you do when your space isn’t conducive to creating? How do we feel when we do not focus on the thing we love? Today I am reflecting on trying to find space in a world that feels like we are running… Continue reading A Place of My Own

The Moon In Leo!

The moon rising in LEO. My sign is a powerful one. And this moon I've been paying close attention and tending to what I'm manifesting. This was my moon rising internally. Some of the things that have been on my mind have been about creativity, completion, transformation and serving. This last month has been about… Continue reading The Moon In Leo!

Storyboarding, Seeing our story unfold!

Creating... building... planning... outlining... mapping... Taking our story from inception to completion! The story board!!! What a wonderful exercise... In my WFW Workshop I brought all kinds of goodies for the writers, colored poster boards, colored index cards and post-it notes. Each writer was given the task of creating their story on a blank canvas.… Continue reading Storyboarding, Seeing our story unfold!