The Good Life ~ Ep. 248

You were born to have a good life. You were born to be abundant. You are worthy. Today I have talked about how I have allowed myself to be mediocre. We are being called to release poverty and shift how we think about money. We all deserve a good life! #wocpodcasttoo #manifestation #magic #abundance #selfworth… Continue reading The Good Life ~ Ep. 248

Nepal Trip ~ Day 58: A Kind Act!

   People have know idea who we really are and what we have been through. Sometimes its hard to remember the good qualities we possess. "You never really know a man until you understand things from his point of view, until you climb into his skin and walk around in it." - I can't remember… Continue reading Nepal Trip ~ Day 58: A Kind Act!

Nepal Trip ~ Day 57: Going Home ~ Starting From ZERO!

  My flight leaves soon. I am going home! It has been a long journey.  I have said all my goodbyes. I will miss my team terribly. There were so many tears, so much laughter, so many stories, and so many memories I have made that will stay with me always.  Now that I am… Continue reading Nepal Trip ~ Day 57: Going Home ~ Starting From ZERO!

Nepal Trip ~ Day 56: Poverty is NOT Humility!

Its not cute to be poor. Its less attractive to move in the world believing we are poor. There was a time I hated my life. I wanted something else. I wanted something more. I wanted another life! I wanted what someone else had. I was mad about others having the life I felt I… Continue reading Nepal Trip ~ Day 56: Poverty is NOT Humility!

The Handout and Starving for Art!

Dedicated to the starving artist, the struggling artist, the committed artist, the brave artist, the relentless artist, the person with their hand out, the person with passion, desire, and a dream... This post really struck a chord for me... and it is a trigger. I love you Leslie for getting mad... there is an issue… Continue reading The Handout and Starving for Art!