Day 168: Dear #Prince #purplerain #ripprince

Dear Prince, Yesterday was a devastatingly painful day. I was riding the train to Vermont when I read a tweet that you were gone. I called my daughter immediately to confirm and she said, “No mama, let’s not jump to conclusions… there’s an investigation. Lets just wait it out.” But even seeing that on a… Continue reading Day 168: Dear #Prince #purplerain #ripprince

Day 165: WAKE UP! dedicated to #prince

WAKE UP!!! Wake up.... Wake up... Get up Alicia! The last time I heard those words was exactly a year after I found him dead at his desk. My mentor! My friend! My boss! I think of him every single day. His name is one of the ancestors I call out to each day for… Continue reading Day 165: WAKE UP! dedicated to #prince