Pomodoros and the Writing Process ~ Ep. 339

Today I am reminded of a time where I felt free and wasn't jaded as a writer. Working with young people reminds me why it is so important not to give up on my dreams. Today I am sharing my love for "Pomodoros" which is a time management technique. The pomodoro has helped me to… Continue reading Pomodoros and the Writing Process ~ Ep. 339

Impostor Syndrome ~ Ep. 340

Today I talk about how real "impostor syndrome" is for the writer! I share a moment where I questioned my ability as a writer, whether or not I had a story worth telling! How dare you want to write? What qualifies you to tell this story??? How do we shatter this impostor syndrome? https://youtu.be/i2hLHCB50RY TO… Continue reading Impostor Syndrome ~ Ep. 340

Day 107: Writing/Riding Tsunamis #dearagent #wewrite

Dear Agent, It is rare when I remember a dream. And this dream in particular is one I can’t get out of my mind. Its nighttime. Pitch black! I am at a house on the beach. I see things laid on the sand. Not sure if it's dead animals washed up. The water seems so… Continue reading Day 107: Writing/Riding Tsunamis #dearagent #wewrite

Day 65: Lay It On Thick!

#5 Writing Mantra: On craft... use clear descriptions, create a world, keep building the world, use descriptive and figurative language, and lay it on thick. I got all I needed in Costa Rica and more. As I shared my work and met 1-on-1 with the writers each of them taught me something. Each shared their… Continue reading Day 65: Lay It On Thick!

Day 55: The First Sentences ~ #wewrite

Compelling narratives mark us... they stay with us. There are lines when done well paint a picture perfectly. We can feel and taste everything. There are sentences that feel like someone is stepping on my neck or just sucker punched me in my chest! What are the first lines of some of your favorite books?… Continue reading Day 55: The First Sentences ~ #wewrite

Day 54: Antagonist as the Protagonist ~ #wewrite

There are things that must be revealed about our characters, the good, the bad, the ugly. Javier Bardem played Raoul Silva, a bi-sexual villain in the James Bond flick, Skyfall. He's creepy. He's evil. He's dangerous. He's hilarious. The writers did a excellent job making his character rich, interesting and with depth. In the story we see… Continue reading Day 54: Antagonist as the Protagonist ~ #wewrite

Day 53: The Fullness of Our Characters ~ #wewrite

We must spend time with our characters. They must be rich, full and vulnerable. Why will we care about what happens to them? Writing Prompts: (1) There are things about my life no one knows... things I keep hidden... (60) minutes. Writer or character can respond. (Ask of your character every question you would ask… Continue reading Day 53: The Fullness of Our Characters ~ #wewrite

Day 52: Souls of Characters ~ #wewrite

My favorite stories are about characters who have gone through REAL things. Real people. Real issues. What will your characters go through? What do these scars look like? Writing Prompts: (1) The scars that remain... (60) minutes. Writer or character can respond. (Ask of your character every question you would ask about their motivation and… Continue reading Day 52: Souls of Characters ~ #wewrite

Day 51: Day in the Life ~ #wewrite

Spend a day in my shoes! What does our character do for fun? Who does our character like to spend time with? What are the scenes that really drive our character to take action? What is this action?  “Usually, we combine internal and external conflicts for a richer story. That means we have to understand… Continue reading Day 51: Day in the Life ~ #wewrite

Day 50: Developing Characters ~ #wewrite

I am obsessed with character development. My favorite books have characters I am cheering for, Clara in House of Spirits, Santiago in The Alchemist. My goal is to create a world with amazing characters that we love learning about and journeying with. I am writing a world with characters that mean the world to me. My characters… Continue reading Day 50: Developing Characters ~ #wewrite