Writing from the Womb Available ONLINE

ANNOUNCING For the first time Writing from the Womb will be available as an online course. I am so excited to be able to offer a course where writers from all over the world can participate. All you need is internet and a laptop and you are part of this powerful community of writers. Because… Continue reading Writing from the Womb Available ONLINE

Video: Writing from the Womb Intro Workshop

Please know that these writing sessions are sacred. Please credit and cite any quote you grab from here. This workshop was magical. https://youtu.be/-hEbJB0ZNV8 Thank you to every single writer who participated. Thank you Dominican Writers and Word Up Books for providing a space for us to come as we are. Your comments are appreciated. Subscribing… Continue reading Video: Writing from the Womb Intro Workshop

The Inner Voice ~ Ep. 286

We are all on a journey. Sometimes we feel so silenced by others, but there is a voice that is only ours. #afrolatinashow #meditation #manifestation #voice #innerpeace #tranquility #clarity #selflove #selfcare #affirmation #reflection #spirituality #peace https://youtu.be/P1nK_yaATsk TO BOOK READING EMAIL: lasantera.nyc@gmail.com CLIENT REVIEW: Did La Santera answer all of your questions? How was the reading? … Continue reading The Inner Voice ~ Ep. 286

Almost Losing Everything ~ Ep. 287

What have you learned from almost losing everything? #afrolatinashow #gratitude #humbleness #reflection #meditation #peace #tranquility https://youtu.be/iZrIL8y3vXU TO BOOK READING EMAIL: lasantera.nyc@gmail.com CLIENT REVIEW: Did La Santera answer all of your questions? How was the reading?  La Santera answered my questions clearly where I had the feeling like she knew me and we have never met.… Continue reading Almost Losing Everything ~ Ep. 287

Right To Be Angry ~ Ep. 288

When we feel powerless sometimes we take things out on those closest to us. We believe we have the right to take out our shit on people. I believe we have the right to be angry but its all in how we process our pain. #anger #rage #afrolatinashow #meditation #healing #purpose #passion #podcast #reflection #healing… Continue reading Right To Be Angry ~ Ep. 288

The Value of a Great Story!

"I value story above all else. I'm talking about my written work-in the movies I value the images-but in the books I value the story. The story has its own meaning. A story has its own significance. And sometimes the characters in that story can almost become transparent. This is true in fairytales, for instance.… Continue reading The Value of a Great Story!

Balancing Vulnerability with Transformation

"African narratives in the West, they proliferate. I really don't care anymore. I'm more interested in the stories we tell about ourselves -- how as a writer, I find that African writers have always been the curators of our humanity on this continent. The question is, how do I balance narratives that are wonderful with… Continue reading Balancing Vulnerability with Transformation

Literature is a Gift from the Writer

"I don't like thinking that what I write comes from or is synonymous to a dream. I've heard writers speaking about novels as being extended dreams. I don't like that because dreams, to me, mean selfish gestures. I like the other notion that literature is a GIFT from the WRITER to the reader." ~ Richard… Continue reading Literature is a Gift from the Writer