The Inner Voice ~ Ep. 286

We are all on a journey. Sometimes we feel so silenced by others, but there is a voice that is only ours. #afrolatinashow #meditation #manifestation #voice #innerpeace #tranquility #clarity #selflove #selfcare #affirmation #reflection #spirituality #peace TO BOOK READING EMAIL: CLIENT REVIEW: Did La Santera answer all of your questions? How was the reading? … Continue reading The Inner Voice ~ Ep. 286

Almost Losing Everything ~ Ep. 287

What have you learned from almost losing everything? #afrolatinashow #gratitude #humbleness #reflection #meditation #peace #tranquility TO BOOK READING EMAIL: CLIENT REVIEW: Did La Santera answer all of your questions? How was the reading?  La Santera answered my questions clearly where I had the feeling like she knew me and we have never met.… Continue reading Almost Losing Everything ~ Ep. 287

Right To Be Angry ~ Ep. 288

When we feel powerless sometimes we take things out on those closest to us. We believe we have the right to take out our shit on people. I believe we have the right to be angry but its all in how we process our pain. #anger #rage #afrolatinashow #meditation #healing #purpose #passion #podcast #reflection #healing… Continue reading Right To Be Angry ~ Ep. 288

The Value of a Great Story!

"I value story above all else. I'm talking about my written work-in the movies I value the images-but in the books I value the story. The story has its own meaning. A story has its own significance. And sometimes the characters in that story can almost become transparent. This is true in fairytales, for instance.… Continue reading The Value of a Great Story!

Balancing Vulnerability with Transformation

"African narratives in the West, they proliferate. I really don't care anymore. I'm more interested in the stories we tell about ourselves -- how as a writer, I find that African writers have always been the curators of our humanity on this continent. The question is, how do I balance narratives that are wonderful with… Continue reading Balancing Vulnerability with Transformation

Literature is a Gift from the Writer

"I don't like thinking that what I write comes from or is synonymous to a dream. I've heard writers speaking about novels as being extended dreams. I don't like that because dreams, to me, mean selfish gestures. I like the other notion that literature is a GIFT from the WRITER to the reader." ~ Richard… Continue reading Literature is a Gift from the Writer

When the words in a dream are loud

"So much of what we do in those hours when we're actually making sentences, inventing characters and feeling our way through the threads of a plot, is hunch and feel-half unconscious and somewhat autohypnotic. Those rituals of getting ready to write seem to conduce a kind of trance state. ...I am a poet of awareness… Continue reading When the words in a dream are loud

The Writing Midwife

In the Writing from the Womb workshop I work closely with writers at all levels who have chosen me as their “Writing Midwife” to walk with them on this incredibly lonely journey that is the writers life. Over the years, Writing from the Womb has grown into the most sacred model of what it means to… Continue reading The Writing Midwife