The Afrolatina Show ~ Ep. 5

We expose ourselves. Our wounds. We, the writers, the healers, the givers. We stand naked in hopes that our story somehow helps. Even if just a little. I hope this gift of love gives you light! Gives you love! Gives you hope! 🦋💋💜 NEW EPISODE available on SoundCloud The Afrolatina Show Ep. 05 #AfrolatinaShow… Continue reading The Afrolatina Show ~ Ep. 5

Nepal Trip ~ Day 58: A Kind Act!

   People have know idea who we really are and what we have been through. Sometimes its hard to remember the good qualities we possess. "You never really know a man until you understand things from his point of view, until you climb into his skin and walk around in it." - I can't remember… Continue reading Nepal Trip ~ Day 58: A Kind Act!

Nepal Trip ~ Day 57: Going Home ~ Starting From ZERO!

  My flight leaves soon. I am going home! It has been a long journey.  I have said all my goodbyes. I will miss my team terribly. There were so many tears, so much laughter, so many stories, and so many memories I have made that will stay with me always.  Now that I am… Continue reading Nepal Trip ~ Day 57: Going Home ~ Starting From ZERO!