What WILL you complete in 2017? #WFW2017 #amwriting #finishit

Dear Writers, I have been thinking about New Year’s resolutions and the setting of intentions and life goals. In my case I have been meditating on my life’s purpose, writer's intent and writing goals. I started my year as I always do my ritual being to say goodbye to the previous year and to welcome… Continue reading What WILL you complete in 2017? #WFW2017 #amwriting #finishit

Releasing the Residue of 2014!

I cannot even begin to describe what these passed four weeks have been for me. I have not been able to write and the few times I did pick up my pen what I wrote was complete crap. It feels incredible to be able to return to what I love. FOUR LONG WEEKS! This is… Continue reading Releasing the Residue of 2014!