What Weighs Us Down ~ Ep. 302

Some of us feel like we are carrying the weight of the world. Some of us are juggling a million things and failing at everything because life often feels like too much. Today we are lightening the load and this includes letting go of people and things that do not serve us. #lawofattraction #meditation #afrolatinashow… Continue reading What Weighs Us Down ~ Ep. 302

Broke and Broken ~ Ep. 311

Broken hearts... broken spirits... so broke that you can't go anywhere... what's really at the root of poverty and our ideas of lack. Who would you be if you believed you were abundant, prosperous, and that the universe always provides? https://youtu.be/PgKLJw_YK7w TO BOOK READING EMAIL: lasantera.nyc@gmail.com CLIENT REVIEW: Did La Santera answer all of your… Continue reading Broke and Broken ~ Ep. 311

Unwavering Beliefs… Who are you rooting for?

What do we believe? Today I read from my journal… “when we are filled with self-doubt. They are better than us! They deserve better than me! We don’t believe we are worthy. We don’t believe we are good enough. And the thing is… our kids feel the same. They do not believe they are worthy.… Continue reading Unwavering Beliefs… Who are you rooting for?

Discouragement Will Make or Break Us!

When we are addicted to our dysfunction… to our pain…  In this episode I reflect on how Discouragement Can Make or Break Us! I get real about what self-sabotage looks like and the things that can and have blocked me. What are the things that have kept me from moving towards my dreams? What are… Continue reading Discouragement Will Make or Break Us!

The RIGHT to be angry!

  Last night my daughter and I had the most amazing and intense conversation. She is the only person in the world I can really have that kind of painfully deep conversation with. She knew me when...  When everything angered me. When everything was about racism, sexism, exploitation and privilege. When I say everything... I… Continue reading The RIGHT to be angry!

Words & Rituals: A special event in NYC!

On my mind... Rituals. Words. Sisterhood. Power. Womb. The sacred. The stories we must tell. The line up. The badass women about to tear up the mic. Memoir. Fiction. Poetry. Our voices no longer muted! Oya. Tomorrow. NYC Latina Writers Group 8th Anniversary. See you there! 5:30pm Corcho Wine Room. October is truly the month… Continue reading Words & Rituals: A special event in NYC!