SSWR DAY TWO – Highlights & Prompts

Prompts for SSWR Saturday, May 23, 2020 Morning meditation with Alicia This morning I woke up feeling... What I need today... My body feels... As I begin this sankofa weekend what I am bringing into this space... What I hope to gain from this space... What I would like to write today... My intention for… Continue reading SSWR DAY TWO – Highlights & Prompts

Back to Real Life ~ Ep. 217

After a wonderful weekend of writing in the Catskills at the Sankofa Sisterhood Writers Retreat - #SANKOKAIV, surrounded by womyn of color, we are finally home and my heart is full. Tonight I reflect on all that I will carry from this weekend and all that I desire for this week.

Self Care as a Form of Resistance!

The NYC Latina Writers Group is honored to announce the 3rd Annual Sankofa Sisterhood Writers Retreat ~ Self Care as a Form of Resistance! “Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.” ~ Audre Lorde   This year’s theme: Self Care as a Form of Resistance! During… Continue reading Self Care as a Form of Resistance!

Sankofa Sisterhood: NYCLWG Celebrates Latina Storytellers

Please join us tomorrow for what will be the most magnificent celebration of Latina Storytellers who are emerging artists! In honor of womyn! In honor of storytellers! In honor of you! The NYCLWG is honored to invite you to a special event celebrating Latina Writers! Mark your calendars: Friday, May 24th @ 6:00pm Venue: DUB,… Continue reading Sankofa Sisterhood: NYCLWG Celebrates Latina Storytellers