Taking Care of Me First ~ Ep. 471 dedicated to @shhushyourlips

It is not easy to begin again. It is not easy when we don't feel supported. We are being called to slow it down and take care of ourselves first. What do you need? https://youtu.be/TmoeDS4aYQ4 Writing meditation/prompts: What I need is... What's weighing me down is... What's causing me pain in this moment is... What's… Continue reading Taking Care of Me First ~ Ep. 471 dedicated to @shhushyourlips

Blocking Your Blessings ~ Ep. 109

I haven't posted a blog in over a month. There has been so much that has risen for me. After the loss of my beloved friend I have been a bit down. Then I received word that my brother was diagnosed with cancer so I have been trying to process that. So tonight under this… Continue reading Blocking Your Blessings ~ Ep. 109