Sick of the Higher Ground ~ Ep. 289

Sometimes you just don't want to take the higher road. Sometimes you just want to let folks know how they have offended you. Sometimes in the moment it feels good and right to check people. But most times not taking the higher road feels like poison in our bodies. #afrolatinashow #podcast #meditation #selflove #whentheygolow #igohigh… Continue reading Sick of the Higher Ground ~ Ep. 289

Storyboarding, Seeing our story unfold!

Creating... building... planning... outlining... mapping... Taking our story from inception to completion! The story board!!! What a wonderful exercise... In my WFW Workshop I brought all kinds of goodies for the writers, colored poster boards, colored index cards and post-it notes. Each writer was given the task of creating their story on a blank canvas.… Continue reading Storyboarding, Seeing our story unfold!