A Place of My Own

In this episode I share how I’ve been feeling around the question: What do you do when your space isn’t conducive to creating? How do we feel when we do not focus on the thing we love? Today I am reflecting on trying to find space in a world that feels like we are running… Continue reading A Place of My Own

The NEXT BIG DREAM! Keynote Address Hofstra University

Keynote Address: Hofstra University ~ Hispanic Heritage Month Wednesday, October 22, 2014 Alicia Anabel Santos THE NEXT BIG DREAM! GOOD MORNING I am humbled to be invited to deliver this 2014’s Keynote address in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month. I would like to thank Jenn Christ, Director of Multicultural and International Student Programs for inviting… Continue reading The NEXT BIG DREAM! Keynote Address Hofstra University