31 Day Writing Challenge! #holidaysale #givingtuesday

This is your last chance to join this insane writing challenge! Tomorrow morning we stretch! Join us for the two day FREE WTFS Writing Sessions! How Write the Fucking Story works: We launch on Wednesday, November 29th (tomorrow morning) and we will meet everyday at 5:00AM until December 31st. We are focusing on THE THING… Continue reading 31 Day Writing Challenge! #holidaysale #givingtuesday


Sunday, June 25th Today is PRIDE in my beloved New York City ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’šโค๏ธ๐Ÿ’œ๐ŸŒˆ๐Ÿ’™ I am very lucky to come from a country that for the most part allows me to have some freedoms. As we get closer to Moscow, the excitement of being in Russia is beginning to fade because the reality is that while… Continue reading Day 17: HAPPY PRIDE FROM RUSSIA!!!

Noche Bohemia Off Off Broadway #outlikethat2017

The Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance is excited to present NOCHE BOHEMIA OFF OFF BROADWAY as the opening act of the OUT LIKE THAT 2017 FESTIVAL! Yoseli Castillo brings La Noche Bohemia / Bohemian Night to the Bronx! This bilingual LGBTQ open mic has been around since 2005 in Washington Heights. The medium this… Continue reading Noche Bohemia Off Off Broadway #outlikethat2017

Lesbian Love Storytellers #baad!ass #freenycevents

  LES HISTOIRES D'LESBIAN AMOUR / THE STORIES OF LESBIAN LOVE returns to the BAAD!ASS Women's Festival. Join us for an evening celebrating and preserving lesbian stories. In honor of the lesbian women of color writers and artists who have come before us and those creating beautiful work today. A night where we Intersect activism,… Continue reading Lesbian Love Storytellers #baad!ass #freenycevents

Why we MUST support each other???

IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM THE FOUNDER OF NYCLWG: Why we MUST support each other??? One of the things I have heard over the years is HOW SPECIAL THE NYC LATINA'S GROUP IS! The NYC Latina Writer's Group is special for so many reasons: Our gatherings are always filled with love, laughter, revelations, sharing, tears, joy, anger,… Continue reading Why we MUST support each other???

It’s all about love, Yo ~ a night at the theatre

Welcome to my directorial debut of BROOKLYN QUARTET a new play written by Rock WILK. "There are no songs in BROOKLYN QUARTET, but I hope it reads like a symphony, like a beautifully tragic opera, like Miles soloing over My Funny Valentine, like Keith Jarrett floating furiously in stream of consciousness improvisation, like a beautiful… Continue reading It’s all about love, Yo ~ a night at the theatre