Unhappy People Are Contagious ~ Ep. 301

They say, “misery loves company,” but the truth is unhappiness is contagious. When we are on some low level shit we tend to attract low level shit… today I am meditating on the #lawofattraction #meditation #afrolatinashow #manifestation #unhappy #happiness https://youtu.be/rpA2uCixflE TO BOOK READING EMAIL: lasantera.nyc@gmail.com CLIENT REVIEW: Did La Santera answer all of your questions?… Continue reading Unhappy People Are Contagious ~ Ep. 301

Feeling Off ~ Ep. 312

What does it mean to feel off balance? Are you putting all of your energy into one area of your life and feeling depleted in others? When we give and give and give... this exchange of energy can become toxic if we aren't careful. We begin to resent the people and things we are giving… Continue reading Feeling Off ~ Ep. 312

Day 17 ~ What a Writer Needs

Writing has changed me. I used to love noise and loved being around people. These days I have other needs. What to when you are desperate for some quiet? Writer's have needs. What we mostly need is quiet and space. https://youtu.be/dSaVla5X1fw Visit website/join mailing list: http://www.aliciaanabelsantos.com/ IHEART RADIO: http://www.iheart.com/podcast/the-afrol…podcast-29260164/ Podcast available FREE on ITUNES: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-afrolatina-show-podcast/id1243885137?mt=2… Continue reading Day 17 ~ What a Writer Needs

Day 10 ~ Clearing The Way for Writing

When will we get out of our own way? How can we be more intentional about creating the time and space to do more of what we love? How will you prepare for the week? What do you intend to create this week? What clearing rituals can you practice to get to the page? #thewriterandthestory… Continue reading Day 10 ~ Clearing The Way for Writing

Getting back to basics… #thewriterandthestory

It has been many months since I have written a blog post. There is something really special about keeping an online blog where you can connect with complete strangers and invite them if only with a few words into your world. I have missed writing on this platform... the platform that helped give birth to… Continue reading Getting back to basics… #thewriterandthestory