Patience is a Virtue!

How can we be more patient with ourselves? How can we be more patient with those around us--those who do not get what it is we are doing--those who are not feeling the NEW us? Today’s episode is about patience… we want things when we want them. We want that instant gratification! When you want… Continue reading Patience is a Virtue!

Day 28: Writing Challenge ~ #wewrite

 Establishing trust.  Loyalty.  Betrayal.  How are we (our characters) changed once we/they experience betrayal or the trust is broken? Everything I watched on TV today was about trust. It was something that came up this weekend. My daughter and I had a long conversation about trust and honesty. We have always believed that if we… Continue reading Day 28: Writing Challenge ~ #wewrite

Nepal Trip ~ Day 49: Just Trust!

Trust in your ability! Trust your voice! Trust your skills! Trust that you are ready! Trust that you have done the work! Today I wake up free. The air smells a little bit different like pink cotton candy on the most beautiful day at the best carnival. My focus feels different and my direction clear.… Continue reading Nepal Trip ~ Day 49: Just Trust!

When You Least Expect It!

It happens when you're not looking for it... Sometimes it happens when you believe you're not ready... Sometimes we sabotage something so good because we've convinced ourselves that we only deserve the bad... Then it happens... Something, someone so amazing shows up to reflect back to us exactly who we are and what we are… Continue reading When You Least Expect It!

Day 23 ~ Open to intimacy… #30DayWriting

Becoming Vulnerable 30 Day Writing Challenge ~ Day 23: INTIMACY! What does it mean to have an intimate relationship? What does it mean to be intimate with someone? What are called to give to others? What are we willing to give, do and be? Do we give fully... or do we keep the walls up?… Continue reading Day 23 ~ Open to intimacy… #30DayWriting