Day 91: The Reverent Writer! #dearagent #wewrite

Day 18 of Agent Search Dear Agent; I AM THE REVERENT WRITER! Writing has always been part of my spiritual process. Writing is part of my rituals, my healing, and my creativity. Writing has always been about discovery and openness. I write with great care because the subjects are ones I care deeply for. Writing is… Continue reading Day 91: The Reverent Writer! #dearagent #wewrite

#DearAgent ~ FREE livestream reading

Day 4 For too Long women writers have gone unnoticed. Writers who are women of color have not received the recognition and accolades we deserve. There are incredible writers and stories that have yet to be published. We are inviting literary agents, publishers, and magazine editors to join our international reading. We are inviting writers… Continue reading #DearAgent ~ FREE livestream reading

TONIGHT FREE WRTERS WORKSHOP – Via Conference call (email for dial in information) #WFW #writers

No one can teach us how to write!    Writing for me is like breathing...    This is why I write… Writing my memoir was about completing something significant for my daughter and gifting myself my very first published work at age 40. Writing scripts for the documentary Afrolatinos: The Untaught Story was about re-claiming… Continue reading TONIGHT FREE WRTERS WORKSHOP – Via Conference call (email for dial in information) #WFW #writers

#DearAgent ~ Day 3: Writing is Not Taught!

   As writers we are constantly becoming.  Everything that surrounds us informs who we are. We writers often talk about "writers block" as this thing that keeps us from coming to the page.  I feel that what blocks us is that we are consumed. There are so many things that keep us from coming to… Continue reading #DearAgent ~ Day 3: Writing is Not Taught!