The Urgency of this Message! Un Llamado!

(New York--May 14, 2013) In May 2008 Renzo Devia and Alicia Anabel Santos started a journey that no one has embarked on before. They set out to travel throughout every country in Latin America to study and document Afro Latino communities. The mission was to learn extensively about the culture and history and share their… Continue reading The Urgency of this Message! Un Llamado!

Raising Conciousness! Knowing your roots! #unllamado

WOW!!! You all are amazing! What a fantastic conversation from marrying up to its roots in colonialism. Some highlights of the many were: “US had the one drop rule: one drop of black and you were an outcast. Latin America: one drop of white means higher social class.” @Latinegro “the black liberation movement in the… Continue reading Raising Conciousness! Knowing your roots! #unllamado