Manifesting Dreams ~ Ep. 232

How are you manifesting the dreams you say you want? How are you co-creating with the universe to move towards achieving the dream? Are you putting in the work? Manifestation requires that we take very specific steps… it requires hard work. Dreams do come true, pero tenemos que poner de nuestra parte.

Victory & Ascension are my words of the Year ~ Ep. 376

It is never too late to start this year over... 2019 is about me calling forth VICTORY in all areas of my life. Today I am headed to a vision board workshop. I am focused on manifesting my writer's life. My priorities and plan shifted and changed when my brother was diagnosed with cancer. Where… Continue reading Victory & Ascension are my words of the Year ~ Ep. 376

Publish the Book ~ The Writer’s Vision

I am thrilled to share a special workshop designed at helping writers get to the finish line once they have written the book. Not many writers can say they have written and published four books in four years! Author and dear friend, Nancy Arroyo Ruffin brings you a wonderful workshop that is sure to help you… Continue reading Publish the Book ~ The Writer’s Vision

The NEXT BIG DREAM! Keynote Address Hofstra University

Keynote Address: Hofstra University ~ Hispanic Heritage Month Wednesday, October 22, 2014 Alicia Anabel Santos THE NEXT BIG DREAM! GOOD MORNING I am humbled to be invited to deliver this 2014’s Keynote address in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month. I would like to thank Jenn Christ, Director of Multicultural and International Student Programs for inviting… Continue reading The NEXT BIG DREAM! Keynote Address Hofstra University