The RIGHT to be angry!

  Last night my daughter and I had the most amazing and intense conversation. She is the only person in the world I can really have that kind of painfully deep conversation with. She knew me when...  When everything angered me. When everything was about racism, sexism, exploitation and privilege. When I say everything... I… Continue reading The RIGHT to be angry!

Download Sankofa Sisterhood Application!

Greetings writers, We are getting closer to our retreat weekend and we are so incredibly excited. In two weeks we will be closing registration and finalizing all details for the Sankofa Sisterhood Writer's Retreat. Please complete the following application and submit with your registration, deposit and payment. To download the application and for payment details: Registration… Continue reading Download Sankofa Sisterhood Application!

Until I Am Free to Write

"Until I am free to write bilingually and to switch codes without having always to translate, while I still have to speak English or Spanish when I would rather speak Spanglish, and as long as I have to accommodate the English speakers rather than having them accommodate me, my tongue will be illegitimate. I will… Continue reading Until I Am Free to Write

Voices of Savages…

Why are they afraid? What do they fear? When we stand in our truth why is this considered savage? We will not be silenced! Day 6 I am grateful for understanding... being understanding is trying to grasp what another is going through, yet acknowledging they may never fully get it and that's ok. I am… Continue reading Voices of Savages…


Over the years I have met hundreds of women who question being a writer/artist, some who fear the power of the pen, writers, poets and artists who OWN who they are and others who struggle with believing they ARE in fact writers and artists.I have met writers who are published, writers who just picked up… Continue reading CALL FOR SUBMISSION ~