Video: Writing from the Womb Intro Workshop

Please know that these writing sessions are sacred. Please credit and cite any quote you grab from here. This workshop was magical. Thank you to every single writer who participated. Thank you Dominican Writers and Word Up Books for providing a space for us to come as we are. Your comments are appreciated. Subscribing… Continue reading Video: Writing from the Womb Intro Workshop

You Do Not Need Permission to Write ~ #writingworkshop

Good evening writers, Welcome to this year's WRITING FROM THE WOMB WORKSHOP. Images: Cora Foxx/Bustle; Giphy (6) I can not begin to describe how excited I am about this round of Writing from the Womb. Every year when I design a syllabus and workshop I connect it to what I believe we need at “that”… Continue reading You Do Not Need Permission to Write ~ #writingworkshop

Writing from the Womb Spring 2019 ~ The Joy of Writing!

When you introduce yourself do you say you are a writer/poet first or do you say you are a professor, teaching artist, social worker, or mother? The answer to this question is telling because it reveals to us where we have placed the writer in us. Choose one you relate closest to: I see my… Continue reading Writing from the Womb Spring 2019 ~ The Joy of Writing!

The Writer and The Story, Aligning With Our Story’s Intention! WFW Workshop is Back!

Writing from the Womb (WFW) is back! We kick off our workshop this weekend. This session of WFW has focused goals, clear intentions and hard deadlines. There is some fear that rises with deadlines but also a tremendous amount of excitement if we allow it. We are being called to sit down and write the… Continue reading The Writer and The Story, Aligning With Our Story’s Intention! WFW Workshop is Back!

Just Show Up! #thewritingmidwife #wfw2017

Dearest writers, This past Sunday was phenomenal. It was inspiring, fun, joy-filled, hard, draining, brutal and delicious all at the same time. I could see it on your faces how surprised you were by what came up, and even prouder of what you created. I watched how even the most quiet and shy writers (butterflies)… Continue reading Just Show Up! #thewritingmidwife #wfw2017

No time to waste! On Setting Writing Goals… #wfw2017

What are your writing goals? What WILL YOU have, create, do, accomplish, complete and write this year? As we welcome 2017 let's begin by simply coming to the page. For those of you who believe in spiritual manifestations when it comes to creativity and birthing ideas. This is the year of COMPLETION! This is the… Continue reading No time to waste! On Setting Writing Goals… #wfw2017

Day 13 ~ WFW Morning Session

RISE and SHINE beloved writers! Forgive me for missing our call this morning. No excuse! My alarm was on mute aka non existent. I will make it up to all of you in class tomorrow… extra prompts for everyone. I have recorded our morning session and it is available for playback. You should have received… Continue reading Day 13 ~ WFW Morning Session

#DearAgent ~ Day 3: Writing is Not Taught!

   As writers we are constantly becoming.  Everything that surrounds us informs who we are. We writers often talk about "writers block" as this thing that keeps us from coming to the page.  I feel that what blocks us is that we are consumed. There are so many things that keep us from coming to… Continue reading #DearAgent ~ Day 3: Writing is Not Taught!