Writing is a Daring Act! #WFW Workshop

   Henry Miller on Writing: (excerpts) "Writing, like life itself, is a voyage of discovery. The adventure is a metaphysical one: it is a way of approaching life indirectly, of acquiring a total rather than a partial view of the universe. The writer lives between the upper and lower worlds: she takes the path in… Continue reading Writing is a Daring Act! #WFW Workshop

Writing from the Womb Workshop! #WFW

Welcome home!    I am thrilled to announce that both the NYC Latina Writers Group and the Writing from the Womb Writers Workshop (WFW) return this fall! After last year’s WFW I took a much needed break. I needed to refill and give myself some of what I give to so many. Something I often… Continue reading Writing from the Womb Workshop! #WFW

Storyboarding, Seeing our story unfold!

Creating... building... planning... outlining... mapping... Taking our story from inception to completion! The story board!!! What a wonderful exercise... In my WFW Workshop I brought all kinds of goodies for the writers, colored poster boards, colored index cards and post-it notes. Each writer was given the task of creating their story on a blank canvas.… Continue reading Storyboarding, Seeing our story unfold!

Writing from the Womb, Spring 2014

This Sunday we begin! Join me this Sunday, May 18, 2014 12:00PM - 3:00PM TBA Out of state attendees can dial in: Please email me your name so that I can leave it with security: findingyourforce@gmail.com Good morning beloved writers!!! Writing from the Womb is back!!!! Writing from the Womb, Spring 2014 has arrived! Spring… Continue reading Writing from the Womb, Spring 2014