New Years Rituals ~ Manifestation & Setting Intentions ~ Ep. 363

It is never too late to begin again! Your NEW YEAR can start whenever you decide! HAPPY NEW YEAR! While I am not a fan of New Year's resolutions I do believe in setting intentions. Today I share my rituals and practices for saying goodbye to 2018 and how we can welcome 2019! Wishing… Continue reading New Years Rituals ~ Manifestation & Setting Intentions ~ Ep. 363

Write What You Know ~ Ep. 364

There are so many stories that are ours to tell. When will you sit down to write it? Today I reflect on writing the stories we know but more importantly its about knowing who I am writing for. I am writing first for myself, for all the versions of me who didn't always have the… Continue reading Write What You Know ~ Ep. 364

Being Acknowledged As An Artist ~ Ep. 366

If we are honest with ourselves--who doesn't want to be acknowledged as an artist? Rejection hurts, but seeking validation should not drive the work. What drives my intention, my hunger for telling the story that I was born to write? I pray you find that fire inside you and stop worrying about whether or not… Continue reading Being Acknowledged As An Artist ~ Ep. 366

Writer’s Block pt. 1 ~ Ep. 369

Coming to you live from Costa Rica! How can we find our way out of what is blocking us? It is OK for the writing to be crap. Getting unblocked requires us to do something differently, create something new, stop looking at what we are working on and try to write something else. Perhaps we… Continue reading Writer’s Block pt. 1 ~ Ep. 369

Writers Block & The Muse pt. 2 ~ Ep. 370

Unblocking ourselves is really about listening. It is about listening and sharing. At the same time I am thinking about this idea of "the muse." There is something really special that happens when we write in writing community, when we are able to bounce off our ideas off others who give us things to think… Continue reading Writers Block & The Muse pt. 2 ~ Ep. 370

Getting Support ~ Ep. 371

Tonight I had my workshop in Costa Rica where I got to talk about my novel in progress. I am meditating on the significance of getting support during the writing process. Oftentimes we writers are in these worlds with just our characters and their worlds. It is amazing when we can have conversations with others.… Continue reading Getting Support ~ Ep. 371