Almost Losing Everything ~ Ep. 287

What have you learned from almost losing everything? #afrolatinashow #gratitude #humbleness #reflection #meditation #peace #tranquility TO BOOK READING EMAIL: CLIENT REVIEW: Did La Santera answer all of your questions? How was the reading?  La Santera answered my questions clearly where I had the feeling like she knew me and we have never met.… Continue reading Almost Losing Everything ~ Ep. 287

Choose Your Words ~ Ep. 294

We are living in a time where people think they can speak to people any way they feel. Being mindful of the words we choose is an act of kindness and consideration. #afrolatinashow #meditation #reflection TO BOOK READING EMAIL: CLIENT REVIEW: Did La Santera answer all of your questions? How was the reading? … Continue reading Choose Your Words ~ Ep. 294

Weathering the Storm ~ Ep. 300

As I celebrate reaching this huge feat today I am meditating on all that it has taken for us to get to where we are! We are about to be hit by a hurricane--literally. We may not know when the storm will hit but it’s guaranteed to come when we least expect it. People are… Continue reading Weathering the Storm ~ Ep. 300

May You Find Peace ~ Ep. 308

What are you walking with today? As you wake up this morning what do you need? How can we connect to peace when our heart hurts? How can we quiet the external and internal noise? How can we find joy today? How can we put on a smile today? #affirmations #meditation #lawofattraction #afrolatinashow #manifestation #unhappy… Continue reading May You Find Peace ~ Ep. 308

Knowing When Its Done ~ Ep. 316.2 Visit my author website and join mailing list: TO BOOK A READING EMAIL: ABOUT MY READINGS:  Once payment is made, you can submit your questions. Provide your full name and date of birth. Choose how many cards you would like pulled. I will record the reading and send you a link to… Continue reading Knowing When Its Done ~ Ep. 316.2

Solidarity Through the Decolonization of Ourselves #decolonizelatinx

I am honored to be facilitating a workshop at the New England Latinx Student Leadership Conference:    Reconciling Identities: Sexuality, Spirituality and the Policing of Blackness! Can you be light-skinned Latinx, practitioner of Regla de Ocha and a lesbian? How does one deconstruct racism and self-hate?  Decolonizing conditioned ideas requires the deconstructing of thoughts: Who… Continue reading Solidarity Through the Decolonization of Ourselves #decolonizelatinx