Writing from the Womb Available ONLINE

ANNOUNCING For the first time Writing from the Womb will be available as an online course. I am so excited to be able to offer a course where writers from all over the world can participate. All you need is internet and a laptop and you are part of this powerful community of writers. Because… Continue reading Writing from the Womb Available ONLINE

Video: Writing from the Womb Intro Workshop

Please know that these writing sessions are sacred. Please credit and cite any quote you grab from here. This workshop was magical. https://youtu.be/-hEbJB0ZNV8 Thank you to every single writer who participated. Thank you Dominican Writers and Word Up Books for providing a space for us to come as we are. Your comments are appreciated. Subscribing… Continue reading Video: Writing from the Womb Intro Workshop

What Weighs Us Down ~ Ep. 302

Some of us feel like we are carrying the weight of the world. Some of us are juggling a million things and failing at everything because life often feels like too much. Today we are lightening the load and this includes letting go of people and things that do not serve us. #lawofattraction #meditation #afrolatinashow… Continue reading What Weighs Us Down ~ Ep. 302

Feeling Free and Clear ~ Day 2 #creativeclarity #socialmediapurge

Reading time 2 minutes and 40 seconds   Good morning family!   I am officially off of social media and I must say that I am feeling so many strange sensations. I have taken breaks before but this time it feels like a break up. Facebook, twitter and Instagram have become this toxic relationship that… Continue reading Feeling Free and Clear ~ Day 2 #creativeclarity #socialmediapurge

Writing from the Womb Spring 2019 ~ The Joy of Writing!

When you introduce yourself do you say you are a writer/poet first or do you say you are a professor, teaching artist, social worker, or mother? The answer to this question is telling because it reveals to us where we have placed the writer in us. Choose one you relate closest to: I see my… Continue reading Writing from the Womb Spring 2019 ~ The Joy of Writing!

Depriving Ourselves of Good

What happens when you block the good that wants to enter your life? Are you sending it all back? Are you rejecting the ideas that are brilliant, afraid to take a risk, afraid to go for it, afraid of endings, or afraid to really have what you deserve? In today’s episode I meditate on this… Continue reading Depriving Ourselves of Good

Day 2: Arrived to Vladivostok #21daywritingchallenge #transsiberianwriters

We just landed, went through immigration what a journey that was... more about that In my letter to you later. We are waiting for our luggage and then from here we head to our hotel. We are staying at the Hotel Zhemchuzhina. Once we rest, freshen up and do our writing for the day we… Continue reading Day 2: Arrived to Vladivostok #21daywritingchallenge #transsiberianwriters

Prompt 1: Heading to Russia

Dear Courtney, I'm sitting at the airport thinking about you and remembering certain moments of our life together. Your deepest desire for me has always been that I complete a book. That's the thing that you have always wanted most for me as a writer, that I finish something. I'm finally doing it. 2017 is… Continue reading Prompt 1: Heading to Russia

FYF ~ Chapter 28: Hitting That Wall Over and Over! #FYFLove #audiobook

This was an incredible gift and opportunity. Why was I afraid? What is it that I'm most afraid of? FAILING!!! I am afraid of failing you, failing my family, failing myself, failing my friends and failing at life. It’s not an easy task to follow our hearts desire when we allow fear to set in.… Continue reading FYF ~ Chapter 28: Hitting That Wall Over and Over! #FYFLove #audiobook

The Afrolatina Show ~ Ep. 06: Good Girls Stay Quiet #afrolatinashow

I believed my anger made me ugly My rage repulsive My fury the reason for my misfortune She was born so i tried to be softer Prettier quiet Spirit gave me a new path to follow Yet When you’re someone who was born with closed palms white knuckles Fist to flesh Skin under finger nails… Continue reading The Afrolatina Show ~ Ep. 06: Good Girls Stay Quiet #afrolatinashow