Taking What You Need ~ Ep. 315

What is that you need? What do you need today to feel strong, to feel better, to feel at peace, to feel ready, or provided for? We often make assumptions about what we think people need rather than just asking them what they need. I invite more of us to begin asking for what we… Continue reading Taking What You Need ~ Ep. 315

You Can Be Happy or Miserable ~ Ep. 324

Who do you want to be? How do you want to move in the world? What do you want to attract? https://youtu.be/WYbMZTz6GPY Visit my author website and join mailing list: http://www.aliciaanabelsantos.com/ TO BOOK A READING EMAIL: lasantera.nyc@gmail.com ABOUT MY READINGS:  Once payment is made, you can submit your questions. Provide your full name and date… Continue reading You Can Be Happy or Miserable ~ Ep. 324

No time to waste! On Setting Writing Goals… #wfw2017

What are your writing goals? What WILL YOU have, create, do, accomplish, complete and write this year? As we welcome 2017 let's begin by simply coming to the page. For those of you who believe in spiritual manifestations when it comes to creativity and birthing ideas. This is the year of COMPLETION! This is the… Continue reading No time to waste! On Setting Writing Goals… #wfw2017

Writing from the Womb Workshop

Perhaps this year you will know that YOU ARE A WRITER! This year's focus in Writing from the Womb is about complete surrender to the process of crafting a story, living in the world of our characters, writing with intention and committing fully to "Birthing the Story!" I have met many women who have risen to the… Continue reading Writing from the Womb Workshop

The Year of Intention & Surrender

My love letter to the NYC Latina Writers Group ~ 2014 My beloved writers; We are three weeks into 2014 and I want to welcome this AMAZING group of womyn into a year I am naming: The Year of Intention & Surrender As with every year that ends we either feel completely accomplished or we… Continue reading The Year of Intention & Surrender

The Urban Writers Renaissance! “Getting it onto the page” 10-hour writing boot camp!

Everyday I wake up incredibly excited about what I have been called to do. However, there are moments when the page terrifies me. There have been moments when I have doubted what I have been called to do. Days when I don’t fully trust what is coming out of me. Yet these are the moments… Continue reading The Urban Writers Renaissance! “Getting it onto the page” 10-hour writing boot camp!

And the walls came tumbling down!

Something crazy just happened to me. I just finished my morning practice and daily reading. I am currently reading three books:      Mastery of Love, by Don Miguel Ruiz      Awaken the Giant Within, by Tony Robbins     The House of the Spirits, by Isabel Allende The first two books are part of my spiritual… Continue reading And the walls came tumbling down!