Day 72: Discovery is Written Through Action! #wewrite

#12 Writing Mantra: What am I discovering? What am I learning about their world? Discovery is written through ACTION! The entire writing process is about making discoveries and asking the right questions. This only comes by sitting down to write. What actions will our characters take today? Writing Prompts: (1) As I sit in front… Continue reading Day 72: Discovery is Written Through Action! #wewrite

Day 71: What Characters Care About… #wewrite

#11 Writing Mantra:  What does each character care about? Characters are everything. Who they are... where they come from... what motivates... all they are willing to risk or do to have what they want. What does your character want? Writing Prompts: (1) My character(s) wants… (Ask of your story, character, scenes, symbols or themes every… Continue reading Day 71: What Characters Care About… #wewrite

Day 70:What A Scene Reveals About Character! #wewrite

#10 Writing Mantra: What does this scene reveal about who my character is? Great stories are about the characters. The greatest mantra and feedback I received in Costa Rica was about my characters. I am very excited about who my characters are and the journey they are taking me on! Writing Prompts: (1) My main… Continue reading Day 70:What A Scene Reveals About Character! #wewrite

Day 69: On Symbolism! #wewrite

#9 Writing Mantra: Symbolism Throughout the Story... What are the symbols and themes that come up in our stories? One of things we talked about during my retreat was the consistency of symbolism throughout the story. What keeps coming up? Writing Prompts: (1) The symbols and themes in my story are... (Ask of your story,… Continue reading Day 69: On Symbolism! #wewrite

Day 68: Show Me The World? #wewrite

#8 Writing Mantra: Show me the world... Show... don't tell! We have all heard this before. As writers we want to tell the entire story, but it always works out better when we allow the characters to show us the world they live in. It is not OUR story... we are here to just listen!… Continue reading Day 68: Show Me The World? #wewrite

Day 67: Watch My Transitions! #wewrite

#7 Writing Mantra: Watch my transitions... This story is a journey... each scene should move us from place to place in a cohesive way. The story can jump around, however the transitions must be clear and on point. Writing Prompts: (1) The scene I am working on is moving towards… what is this next place?… Continue reading Day 67: Watch My Transitions! #wewrite

Day 66: Allow Time To Pass!

#6 Writing Mantra: Allow time to pass! Don’t rush the moments! Don't jump! Allow it all to unfold. Stories take time to be told and books need lots and lots of words. This story is not a 30 second commercial, relationships in real life take time to build, its the same in our stories. Writing… Continue reading Day 66: Allow Time To Pass!

Day 65: Lay It On Thick!

#5 Writing Mantra: On craft... use clear descriptions, create a world, keep building the world, use descriptive and figurative language, and lay it on thick. I got all I needed in Costa Rica and more. As I shared my work and met 1-on-1 with the writers each of them taught me something. Each shared their… Continue reading Day 65: Lay It On Thick!

Day 64: Start At The Idea and Dig!

#4 Writing Mantra: Start at the idea and dig! There is a story buried deep. There is an idea that keeps coming up. There are characters who want to be heard. Pick the idea and dig! Writing Prompts: (1) I am digging for… (Ask of your story, character, symbol or theme every question you would… Continue reading Day 64: Start At The Idea and Dig!