You Do Not Need Permission to Write ~ #writingworkshop

Good evening writers, Welcome to this year's WRITING FROM THE WOMB WORKSHOP. Images: Cora Foxx/Bustle; Giphy (6) I can not begin to describe how excited I am about this round of Writing from the Womb. Every year when I design a syllabus and workshop I connect it to what I believe we need at “that”… Continue reading You Do Not Need Permission to Write ~ #writingworkshop


Day 26 ~ When You’re Just Not Feelin’ It!

When you just don't give a fck! Some days be like that. Some days everything seems to be going wrong. Some days are filled with crazy stress, we miss our train, we slip and fall, our lunch falls out of our bag and splatters everywhere... and we feel like saying FCK it... maybe today I… Continue reading Day 26 ~ When You’re Just Not Feelin’ It!

Day 22 ~ The Body Remembers

Music has a way of bringing us back to place, a memory, an emotion. Today I reflect on what the body remembers and how to use that muscle and emotional memory in the work we are creating. Sometimes I feel like I can access the darkness easier than I can the joyful memories. Visit… Continue reading Day 22 ~ The Body Remembers

Day 20 ~ When Your Mind is a Mess

Do you feel like you're a mess these days? Do the people you love the most constantly remind you of the ways you start something and can't finish it? Telling you, "you have so many amazing ideas but can't seem to finish one?" I have been feeling quite messy... so today I decided I would… Continue reading Day 20 ~ When Your Mind is a Mess

Day 19 ~ 32 Day Writing Challenge

It is that time again... Write the FCKING Story Challenge begins in FOUR days. Last year was the first annual WTFS Challenge and it was amazing. This year we are doing it again. At the end of every year I feel frantic, neurotic, and obsessed with completing something on my extremely long writer’s goals… Continue reading Day 19 ~ 32 Day Writing Challenge

Day 15 ~ Sometimes There Are No Words

On having lazy days, feeling uninspired, and not wanting to write. What we can do on days like these...   Visit website/join mailing list:   IHEART RADIO:…podcast-29260164/ Podcast available FREE on ITUNES:   Spotify: Subscribe to my youtube Afrolatina Show Diary: Soundcloud: IG: @alicialasantera @afrolatinadiary Twitter and Tumblr… Continue reading Day 15 ~ Sometimes There Are No Words

Day 14 ~ Writing for the Audience of ONE

What keeps us from writing is, lo que diran!!! There is something that happens when we pay more attention to the outer/inner critic. Who are we bringing into our writing space before we even begin? What was that moment you first picked up the pen? What brought you to the page? Who do you write… Continue reading Day 14 ~ Writing for the Audience of ONE