Writing from the Womb Available ONLINE

ANNOUNCING For the first time Writing from the Womb will be available as an online course. I am so excited to be able to offer a course where writers from all over the world can participate. All you need is internet and a laptop and you are part of this powerful community of writers. Because… Continue reading Writing from the Womb Available ONLINE

Video: Writing from the Womb Intro Workshop

Please know that these writing sessions are sacred. Please credit and cite any quote you grab from here. This workshop was magical. https://youtu.be/-hEbJB0ZNV8 Thank you to every single writer who participated. Thank you Dominican Writers and Word Up Books for providing a space for us to come as we are. Your comments are appreciated. Subscribing… Continue reading Video: Writing from the Womb Intro Workshop

Everything Happens for a Reason ~ Ep. 231

How can we make sense out of things that make no sense? What are you going through right now that seems like it’s just too much? What are we supposed to learn from this moment? What is the lesson in all of this? Today I am meditating on this understanding that everything good or bad… Continue reading Everything Happens for a Reason ~ Ep. 231