What a Writer Needs ~ Ep. 344

Writing has changed me. I used to love noise and loved being around people. These days I have other needs. What to when you are desperate for some quiet? Writer's have needs. What we mostly need is quiet and space. https://youtu.be/dSaVla5X1fw Keep ASCENDING! Wishing you peace, love and prosperity!  Anabel **Subscribe and follow my blog… Continue reading What a Writer Needs ~ Ep. 344

When Your Mind is a Mess ~ Ep. 347

Do you feel like you're a mess these days? Do the people you love the most constantly remind you of the ways you start something and can't finish it? Telling you, "you have so many amazing ideas but can't seem to finish one?" I have been feeling quite messy... so today I decided I would… Continue reading When Your Mind is a Mess ~ Ep. 347

When You’re Just Not Feelin’ It! ~ Ep. 353

When you just don't give a fck! Some days be like that. Some days everything seems to be going wrong. Some days are filled with crazy stress, we miss our train, we slip and fall, our lunch falls out of our bag and splatters everywhere... and we feel like saying FCK it... maybe today I… Continue reading When You’re Just Not Feelin’ It! ~ Ep. 353

Getting Into the Groove ~ Ep. 355

I had a great writing session for the Write the FCKING Story challenge. We created magic! The excitement when you are in your groove. I hit send, submitted to a writing colony. This episode is all about being in flow and celebrating good writing days because the shitty days are sure to come. #submissionsundays https://youtu.be/pMyoFSdFwUQ… Continue reading Getting Into the Groove ~ Ep. 355

No Days Off for the Writer ~ Ep. 356

HOLIDAY POST! Its Christmas and we still write! I have consistently risen to write... let me tell you what's lit! Your story is lit! Your characters are lit! Having a discipline and a practice is lit! We have a story that is just waiting for us to write it. When I show up my characters… Continue reading No Days Off for the Writer ~ Ep. 356

How Energy Works ~ Ep. 357

How do we write when we coexist with other people and the energy does not always align? How do we get the writing done? How do we establish BOUNDARIES? It can be challenging to write around family... but NO is NO is NO! Today I meditate on protecting creative energy. https://youtu.be/4WukuIosgc8 Writing prompt/meditations: People constantly… Continue reading How Energy Works ~ Ep. 357

This is the Year You Will WRITE IT! ~ Ep. 365

We are no longer claiming the NO! This year we will push the fear of rejection aside. This is the year we are writing it! This is the year of taking big leaps even though we are scared to death of not being accepted into the club. Who says we want to be part of… Continue reading This is the Year You Will WRITE IT! ~ Ep. 365

Being Acknowledged As An Artist ~ Ep. 366

If we are honest with ourselves--who doesn't want to be acknowledged as an artist? Rejection hurts, but seeking validation should not drive the work. What drives my intention, my hunger for telling the story that I was born to write? I pray you find that fire inside you and stop worrying about whether or not… Continue reading Being Acknowledged As An Artist ~ Ep. 366