The Healing Sh*t ~ Goddess Training Workshop ~ Ep. 352

NEW DATES FOR THE FALL 2019 HEALING SH*T WORKSHOP WILL BE POSTED SHORTLY! Everyone is in pain. We are all going through something. What is on my heart? LOSS. PAIN. GENERATIONAL TRAUMA... all the things we inherited at birth. As I continue organizing this beautiful seven week So many people are in pain. We are… Continue reading The Healing Sh*t ~ Goddess Training Workshop ~ Ep. 352


A Writer’s Guilt ~ Ep. 361

New Year's Eve! Reflecting on the last day of the year and this idea of writer's guilt. Guilt has shown up for me in many ways, mothers guilt, daughters guilt, friends who I have allowed to make me feel guilty, and lovers guilt. I have felt this guilt about choosing my writing over spending time… Continue reading A Writer’s Guilt ~ Ep. 361

SU CASA FINAL PROJECT SFTA: The Third Act | Senior Citizen Stories For three years I have been awarded a SU CASA fellowship, an accomplishment I am proud of. In my residency I bring writing to senior citizens of the Bronx. For six months I met with the writers of the William Hodson Senior Citizen Center. This year’s Story for the Ages creative writing workshop was… Continue reading SU CASA FINAL PROJECT SFTA: The Third Act | Senior Citizen Stories

You Do Not Need Permission to Write ~ #writingworkshop

Good evening writers, Welcome to this year's WRITING FROM THE WOMB WORKSHOP. Images: Cora Foxx/Bustle; Giphy (6) I can not begin to describe how excited I am about this round of Writing from the Womb. Every year when I design a syllabus and workshop I connect it to what I believe we need at “that”… Continue reading You Do Not Need Permission to Write ~ #writingworkshop

Writing from the Womb Spring 2019 ~ The Joy of Writing!

When you introduce yourself do you say you are a writer/poet first or do you say you are a professor, teaching artist, social worker, or mother? The answer to this question is telling because it reveals to us where we have placed the writer in us. Choose one you relate closest to: I see my… Continue reading Writing from the Womb Spring 2019 ~ The Joy of Writing!

Day 20 ~ When Your Mind is a Mess

Do you feel like you're a mess these days? Do the people you love the most constantly remind you of the ways you start something and can't finish it? Telling you, "you have so many amazing ideas but can't seem to finish one?" I have been feeling quite messy... so today I decided I would… Continue reading Day 20 ~ When Your Mind is a Mess

Day 19 ~ 32 Day Writing Challenge

It is that time again... Write the FCKING Story Challenge begins in FOUR days. Last year was the first annual WTFS Challenge and it was amazing. This year we are doing it again. At the end of every year I feel frantic, neurotic, and obsessed with completing something on my extremely long writer’s goals… Continue reading Day 19 ~ 32 Day Writing Challenge

Day 18 ~ Everybody’s Winning

Some of us are worried that everyone is winning except us. Why are we comparing ourselves to others? Why are some of us obsessed with talking about what others are achieving and going after? Why are we holding ourselves to standards that are not realistic for us? "EVERYBODY IS WINNING!" we say. EVERYBODY IS DOING, I… Continue reading Day 18 ~ Everybody’s Winning