You have to give everything away every single time!

Writers, we fear so many things. That we won't have what it takes. That we will run out of words. Perhaps that great idea should go in another book. "Often the writing process is filled with a sense of jeopardy because, in essence, with every book I turn myself inside out. One of the things… Continue reading You have to give everything away every single time!

Messages, Dreams & Omens

"So much of what I do is unconscious. I choose not to dissect why certain images appear when I'm writing. I just let them lead and take me where they will. I attempt to make connections. I often feel that my connections are just as good as someone else's in that regard. Because, when the… Continue reading Messages, Dreams & Omens

Writing from the Womb Workshop

Perhaps this year you will know that YOU ARE A WRITER! This year's focus in Writing from the Womb is about complete surrender to the process of crafting a story, living in the world of our characters, writing with intention and committing fully to "Birthing the Story!" I have met many women who have risen to the… Continue reading Writing from the Womb Workshop

Solidarity Through the Decolonization of Ourselves #decolonizelatinx

I am honored to be facilitating a workshop at the New England Latinx Student Leadership Conference:    Reconciling Identities: Sexuality, Spirituality and the Policing of Blackness! Can you be light-skinned Latinx, practitioner of Regla de Ocha and a lesbian? How does one deconstruct racism and self-hate?  Decolonizing conditioned ideas requires the deconstructing of thoughts: Who… Continue reading Solidarity Through the Decolonization of Ourselves #decolonizelatinx

Day 76: What Would My Character Do? #wewrite

#16 Writing Mantra: What would my character do in this situation? One of the most important things we must do in the creative process is get out of the way. We must get out of our own way! We must get out of our characters way! I am constantly reminding myself that this is not… Continue reading Day 76: What Would My Character Do? #wewrite

Day 70:What A Scene Reveals About Character! #wewrite

#10 Writing Mantra: What does this scene reveal about who my character is? Great stories are about the characters. The greatest mantra and feedback I received in Costa Rica was about my characters. I am very excited about who my characters are and the journey they are taking me on! Writing Prompts: (1) My main… Continue reading Day 70:What A Scene Reveals About Character! #wewrite

Day 69: On Symbolism! #wewrite

#9 Writing Mantra: Symbolism Throughout the Story... What are the symbols and themes that come up in our stories? One of things we talked about during my retreat was the consistency of symbolism throughout the story. What keeps coming up? Writing Prompts: (1) The symbols and themes in my story are... (Ask of your story,… Continue reading Day 69: On Symbolism! #wewrite

Day 68: Show Me The World? #wewrite

#8 Writing Mantra: Show me the world... Show... don't tell! We have all heard this before. As writers we want to tell the entire story, but it always works out better when we allow the characters to show us the world they live in. It is not OUR story... we are here to just listen!… Continue reading Day 68: Show Me The World? #wewrite