Day 9: Why I Write

Why do you write?  When will you sit down and actually finish the story you were born to tell? How do I get to the page? Why do I write? I didn't know that I was writing to free myself! I didn't know that I was writing myself into existence!   Visit website/join mailing… Continue reading Day 9: Why I Write


Day 8: Roadmap to Writing

It's important to clear a path for writing. Today I share why having a roadmap is crucial for my writing. Some writers do not believe in outlines, yet I believe in having a roadmap for all areas of my life, most importantly my writing life. Roadmaps also leave room for surprises. Its less about control… Continue reading Day 8: Roadmap to Writing

Day 7: My Writer’s Life ~ Where to Begin

As writer's sometimes it is hard to come to the page. Sometimes we don't know where to even begin. Today I talk about my process of re-entering my novel. There is something special that happens when we surrender to the process, release all negative self-talk and let go of the attachment to the end result.… Continue reading Day 7: My Writer’s Life ~ Where to Begin

Getting back to basics… #thewriterandthestory

It has been many months since I have written a blog post. There is something really special about keeping an online blog where you can connect with complete strangers and invite them if only with a few words into your world. I have missed writing on this platform... the platform that helped give birth to… Continue reading Getting back to basics… #thewriterandthestory

Day 6 ~ Writing Rituals and the Writing Practice

What are your rituals? What does your writing practice look like? Some of us struggle with creating and committing to rituals and practices. Some of us don't know what works for us. You are not alone!!! 2018 was a challenging year for me and my writing, what once worked no longer does it. But everyday… Continue reading Day 6 ~ Writing Rituals and the Writing Practice

Day 5 ~ Perfecting The Writer’s Room

Today I talk about this idea of the perfect writer's room! Some writers get obsessed with creating the perfect writer's space and then do no writing, and others create the perfect writer's room wherever they are! And then some of use perfection as just another way to procrastinate. Where do you fall? Visit website/join… Continue reading Day 5 ~ Perfecting The Writer’s Room

Day 4 ~ The Right Words

As writers we won't always have the right words, the writing won't always be good... but when we show up words will show up to meet us. Visit website/join mailing list: IHEART RADIO:…podcast-29260164/ Podcast available FREE on ITUNES:   Spotify: Subscribe to my youtube Afrolatina Show Diary: Soundcloud:… Continue reading Day 4 ~ The Right Words

Day 1 ~ My Writer’s Life: Rebuilding From Scraps

I woke up wanting to create something new. Today I want to build again. Today I decided I would get up and bring it all to the page. I am so happy to introduce my new writing podcast/video diary! #thewriterandthestory #mywriterslife Subscribe. Share. Like. EVERYDAY IS AN OPPORTUNITY TO BEGIN AGAIN! Sending you love!