Day 16 ~ Wanting To Be Alone

It is OK to want to be alone! It is OK to not want to be around anyone! It is OK to put our writing first! While this meditation and reflection got cut off the truth is yesterday I just wanted to be alone and this is OK. As writer's we must demand and say… Continue reading Day 16 ~ Wanting To Be Alone


Day 15 ~ Sometimes There Are No Words

On having lazy days, feeling uninspired, and not wanting to write. What we can do on days like these...   Visit website/join mailing list:   IHEART RADIO:…podcast-29260164/ Podcast available FREE on ITUNES:   Spotify: Subscribe to my youtube Afrolatina Show Diary: Soundcloud: IG: @alicialasantera @afrolatinadiary Twitter and Tumblr… Continue reading Day 15 ~ Sometimes There Are No Words

Day 14 ~ Writing for the Audience of ONE

What keeps us from writing is, lo que diran!!! There is something that happens when we pay more attention to the outer/inner critic. Who are we bringing into our writing space before we even begin? What was that moment you first picked up the pen? What brought you to the page? Who do you write… Continue reading Day 14 ~ Writing for the Audience of ONE

Day 13 ~ Impostor Syndrome

Today I talk about how real "impostor syndrome" is for the writer! I share a moment where I questioned my ability as a writer, whether or not I had a story worth telling! How dare you want to write? What qualifies you to tell this story??? How do we shatter this impostor syndrome?  … Continue reading Day 13 ~ Impostor Syndrome

Day 12 ~ Pomodoros and the Writing Process

Today I am reminded of a time where I felt free and wasn't jaded as a writer. Working with young people reminds me why it is so important not to give up on my dreams. Today I am sharing my love for "Pomodoros" which is a time management technique. The pomodoro has helped me to… Continue reading Day 12 ~ Pomodoros and the Writing Process

Day 11 ~ Setting Writing Goals

Today I share my thoughts on the difference between WRITING GOALS and WRITER'S GOALS! Focusing on the end result of writing, the finished product, whether it will be received well... worrying about whether or not it is any good are all things that mess with the writing process. I can admit there have been moments… Continue reading Day 11 ~ Setting Writing Goals

Day 10 ~ Clearing The Way for Writing

When will we get out of our own way? How can we be more intentional about creating the time and space to do more of what we love? How will you prepare for the week? What do you intend to create this week? What clearing rituals can you practice to get to the page? #thewriterandthestory… Continue reading Day 10 ~ Clearing The Way for Writing

Day 9: Why I Write

Why do you write?  When will you sit down and actually finish the story you were born to tell? How do I get to the page? Why do I write? I didn't know that I was writing to free myself! I didn't know that I was writing myself into existence!   Visit website/join mailing… Continue reading Day 9: Why I Write

Day 8: Roadmap to Writing

It's important to clear a path for writing. Today I share why having a roadmap is crucial for my writing. Some writers do not believe in outlines, yet I believe in having a roadmap for all areas of my life, most importantly my writing life. Roadmaps also leave room for surprises. Its less about control… Continue reading Day 8: Roadmap to Writing

Day 7: My Writer’s Life ~ Where to Begin

As writer's sometimes it is hard to come to the page. Sometimes we don't know where to even begin. Today I talk about my process of re-entering my novel. There is something special that happens when we surrender to the process, release all negative self-talk and let go of the attachment to the end result.… Continue reading Day 7: My Writer’s Life ~ Where to Begin