A Writer’s Guilt ~ Ep. 361

New Year's Eve! Reflecting on the last day of the year and this idea of writer's guilt. Guilt has shown up for me in many ways, mothers guilt, daughters guilt, friends who I have allowed to make me feel guilty, and lovers guilt. I have felt this guilt about choosing my writing over spending time… Continue reading A Writer’s Guilt ~ Ep. 361


Reinventing Ourselves ~ Ep. 473

Many of us are terrified of change. Scared to quit that job or leave that relationship, because we gotta eat! But sometimes we are called to stop eating shhhh and find a way to reinvent ourselves. It is so important to surround ourselves by people who love and support us! https://youtu.be/QNcxVEKIl3A What have you really… Continue reading Reinventing Ourselves ~ Ep. 473

The Writers Prayer ~ Ep. 472

https://youtu.be/9asH7RwU0oI Wishing you peace, love and prosperity!  Anabel **Subscribe and follow my blog to receive daily posts directly to your email** For readings and consultations email lasantera.nyc@gmail.com BECOME A PATRON - LA SANTERA Links to my work: Author website * La Santera blog  * Subscribe to my  Youtube channel! Podcast available on:  iHEART  * ITUNES … Continue reading The Writers Prayer ~ Ep. 472

The Power of Words!!! ~ Ep. 362

There is tremendous power in words. There is power in storytelling. As people of color we have oral traditions, history, religion, and culture that has been passed down to us and left for us by our ancestors. I am meditating on this power of stories to teleport us to a time and place. My intention… Continue reading The Power of Words!!! ~ Ep. 362

New Years Rituals ~ Manifestation & Setting Intentions ~ Ep. 363

It is never too late to begin again! Your NEW YEAR can start whenever you decide! HAPPY NEW YEAR! While I am not a fan of New Year's resolutions I do believe in setting intentions. Today I share my rituals and practices for saying goodbye to 2018 and how we can welcome 2019! https://youtu.be/Kz8PAmusTMI Wishing… Continue reading New Years Rituals ~ Manifestation & Setting Intentions ~ Ep. 363

This is the Year You Will WRITE IT! ~ Ep. 365

We are no longer claiming the NO! This year we will push the fear of rejection aside. This is the year we are writing it! This is the year of taking big leaps even though we are scared to death of not being accepted into the club. Who says we want to be part of… Continue reading This is the Year You Will WRITE IT! ~ Ep. 365

Being Acknowledged As An Artist ~ Ep. 366

If we are honest with ourselves--who doesn't want to be acknowledged as an artist? Rejection hurts, but seeking validation should not drive the work. What drives my intention, my hunger for telling the story that I was born to write? I pray you find that fire inside you and stop worrying about whether or not… Continue reading Being Acknowledged As An Artist ~ Ep. 366