The Things We Carry ~ Ep. 218

Breathe... begin again. Slow down!!!! Don't carry it! Sometimes we carry things that aren't even ours. Lets lighten the load and only hold what's ours.

WTF is Going On ~ Ep. 227

WTF is going on in the world? What is happening to humanity? You can be exceptional, but there are no exceptions. Mental illness does not have a color. The truth is many people with money are dealing with the same demons the rest of us are dealing with. We can see someone who looks put… Continue reading WTF is Going On ~ Ep. 227

Desperation Can Be the Best Inspiration ~ Ep. 228

Sometimes it takes a tsunami or towers crumbling to ashes for us to open our eyes and value life and each other. Today I meditate on the ways tragedy and traumatic events have informed and inspired my work. I am reflecting on the desperation, the hunger required to complete the work I want to leave… Continue reading Desperation Can Be the Best Inspiration ~ Ep. 228