It is fitting that today I kick off a page on my website solely dedicated to my (our) life work on Afrolatinos. Today we celebrate the birthday of my business partner, Executive Producer / Director, Renzo Devia.

AFROLATINOS AN UNTAUGHT HISTORY: is the story of the estimated 150 million afrodescendants throughout Latin America who have been excluded from historical narratives, literature and academia for far too long. Afrolatinos journeys throughout Central and South America, and the Caribbean documenting and illustrating the history which celebrates the rich culture and major contributions of people of African descent in Latin America. With the United Nations declaring 2015-2024, the International Decade of People of African Descent, finally including Latinos in the discourse is revolutionary.

Afrolatinos is the story of the enslaved Africans who arrived to the Caribbean and, Central and South America in the early 1600’s and directly addresses the many issues, specifically identity issues that are ever present in the Hispanic community today. While the numbers of Afrolatinos in Latin America continues to grow the majority do not have political or economic power. This documentary series takes you on a journey to meet Afrolatinos throughout Spanish, Portuguese and Creole speaking nations as we learn about their religions, foods, languages, music, dance and much more. Afrolatinos is a tool that will educate the uninformed and hopefully initiate dialogue and social change throughout Latin America. We hope this documentary will empower Afro-Latinos (Black Latinos, Afrolatinx and those of the African diaspora) to create awareness, promote change and help give voice to a large community who have been silenced and historally marginalized.

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Photo credit: Camilo Mendoza (Director of Photography for Afrolatinos)

We met 8 years ago on this UNSTOPPABLE journey to see the stories of our people, black/latinx people honored and celebrated throughout the world!!! It has been a fierce journey pero sequimos… siempre luchando…
“Caminante no hay camino, se hace camino al andar!”
~ Antonio Machado
Iború, Iboyá, Ibosheshé ❤ Happy Birthday Renzo, I love you. AFROLATINOS: The Untaught Story (photo was taken en Regla, Cuba, 2010) con amor, ‘yawo
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