CALL FOR SUBMISSION (writers & artists): IN MY VOICE!


Welcome to IN MY VOICE!

Over the years I have met hundreds of women who question being a writer/artist, some who fear the power of the pen, writers, poets and artists who OWN who they are and others who struggle with believing they ARE in fact writers and artists.I have met writers who are published, writers who just picked up the pen for the first time, writers who don’t know where to begin and writers who just want a space of their own.

IN MY VOICE is this space…

IN MY VOICE is YOUR space…

IN MY VOICE is OUR space…

IN MY VOICE is a shared online venue for womyn to be published and promoted…

IN MY VOICE is a space where we can create dialogue around the issues that matter to US!

Here you will be able to share what you feel, meet other artists, network, find out about events and write the stories that matter most to you.


IN MY VOICE is a space for WOMYN!

I am inviting emerging and seasoned writers/artists to contribute weekly and compete for a shot at being the featured WRITER/ARTIST of the week. In addition to being published, writers will have an opportunity to compete for a slot in our E-anthology (more on that in the coming weeks).

Your work will be featured on Alicia’s personal blog and promoted throughout her entire network!

IN MY VOICE in collaboration with the NYC Latina Writers Group (NYCLWG) will be curating an anthology. Once a year we will publish an anthology of our writing/art. We will also be hosting a yearly event where we can celebrate, perform and share our work with the world!

VOICES we are looking for:

Fiction, non-fiction, poetry, essay, memoir, flash fiction, Science Fiction, short stories, short short story, erotica, gay fiction/non-fiction, book reviews, criticisms and op-ed pieces. We are looking for storytellers who are visual artists, painters, bloggers, vloggers, filmmakers, screenplay writers and playwrights.

VOICES themes: identity, inequality, family, culture, sexuality, gender, class, race, patriarchy—consider the issues that AFFECT womyn and what you personally connect to. The submissions we are looking for should have a STRONG FEMALE VOICE, female characters, and be about WOMYN!

IN MY VOICE is your space to share who you are and express yourself in your chosen art form. There will be an editorial calendar to be posted in the upcoming weeks. For now we are launching the site and hitting the ground running. We are really interested in hearing from you about the subjects/topics you like to write.

SUBMISSION PROCESS: Please read carefully.

Submissions OPEN NOW!

Please refrain from submitting your entire manuscript, movie reel, portfolio or every poem you have ever written.

IN MY VOICE submission process is simple:

If you have a piece, a poem, a story or an idea for a piece that you would like to contribute please send a SIX WORD PITCH to

What is the SIX word pitch?

Tell us your story idea, description of your art in six words.

Some examples:

(1)    Sexual violence, difficulties speaking about rape!

(2)    “It’s my body, I’m NO slut!”

(3)    “You’re gay? You don’t look gay!”

(4)    She walks in the world invisible.

In six words you should be able to summarize what the heartbeat of your submission is about.

Your email should contain:


Address to: Editors

Body of email:

–          Introduction – your name

–          Your genre/art form

(In 250 words or less tell us):

Why you choose this genre/art form? Who inspires you? What inspires you? What are you passionate about?  (250 words) Send email to:

If selected you will be asked to provide:

–          Full submission

–          Your photo

–          Your bio

–          Links to your websites/social media to go along with your piece

IN MY VOICE is a sacred space for womyn. Here you will be able to see your work published and shared with the world. We are so excited to share this project with you.

In sisterhood and solidarity,

Alicia Anabel Santos, Founder and Curator of the NYC Latina Writers Group

NYCLWG on Facebook:


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