The Writing Midwife

In the Writing from the Womb workshop I work closely with writers at all levels who have chosen me as their “Writing Midwife” to walk with them on this incredibly lonely journey that is the writers life.

Over the years, Writing from the Womb has grown into the most sacred model of what it means to give birth to our projects and dreams. So many of us have been silenced by voices and people who try to oppress us, who tell us that “our story doesn’t matter” or that “we don’t have what it takes!”  Many of us have been paralyzed by fear. There are ways to get past this.
As a writing coach, I have worked one on one and held countless workshops with many writers affirming their ability, celebrating their stories, and holding them accountable for getting the work done. I provide writing exercises, prompts, and personalized feedback showing writers the places to explore in order to further develop the characters and their stories.
I am committed to each of my writers and know how help you find the answers to the questions that haunt.
My goal is to assist women with “Birthing The Story.”

Words from my writers and clients:

“I gained a connection to myself and my writing by Alicia’s incredible ability to teach, guide and inspire with her presence, insight and skill. What I will take from this experience…  I will take a renewed passion for both reading and writing from a place of connectedness and sensitivity. I learned to connect to the reader and “take them there.” I enjoyed Alicia’s spirit and non-judgmental accountability. I would absolutely recommend Alicia because she is a compassionate professional and extremely connected writing coach. ~ Dr. JT

“The confidence and motivation I have gained from this workshop is priceless! Still today, a week later, I feel the same fire I did on our last meeting– the day we all pressed send to our very first submission for publication ever! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU for bringing this fearlessness out of me! I am eternally grateful for your love, commitment and guidance. I would definitely recommend this workshop to other writers because it gave me the ammunition I so needed in order to move past that stage of paralysis I was so consumed by, and for so long. It is something all of us go through when we first discover what we were put on this earth to do. It’s just scary! And in this workshop, you helped many of us shake off that fear. I really enjoyed the warm environment you created for us. The bond of sisterhood that you nurtured by always leading by example. I enjoyed the way you cared for us and embraced us in all of our vulnerabilities, through laughter and tears. I especially loved the way you wholeheartedly believed in us, and in turn made US believe in ourselves!” ~ CI

“Alicia, you are an extremely gifted instructor.  You have the ability to steer the writer into directions that they would not have other wise delved into because of your use of your instincts and what you know to be the best direction to go.  This was by far the best Writing from the Womb workshop that I have attended thus far.  The use of the articles weekly helped hone in the elements of writing and on the craft.  In addition, every week we had more than enough time to focus on the writing so that we left each session feeling accomplished.  I really enjoyed the community that was built in such a short period of time.  The way in which the workshop was done gave an opportunity for everyone to focus on each other’s writing in an intentional, focused way.  Having each writer read the work of the other and commenting on the spot helped each of us honor our immediate reactions while being able to give immediate feedback. You are a phenomenal woman with so much talent.  You pour into your writers selflessly.” ~ Dr. CTB


Email me for more information and to schedule an appointment ~ The Writing Midwife

I look forward to meeting and working with you!

With love,

Iyawo, (Alicia)

The Writing Midwife

Copyright © 2016 by Alicia Anabel Santos

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