Coming to the Page ~ Ep. 351

When you trust the process you release the idea that you are the one in control. Surrender is all about getting out of your way! Today is about honoring what the page wants to gift us. It's all about what the story wants to tell us and what it is the characters say they want… Continue reading Coming to the Page ~ Ep. 351


The Healing Sh*t ~ Goddess Training Workshop ~ Ep. 352

NEW DATES FOR THE FALL 2019 HEALING SH*T WORKSHOP WILL BE POSTED SHORTLY! Everyone is in pain. We are all going through something. What is on my heart? LOSS. PAIN. GENERATIONAL TRAUMA... all the things we inherited at birth. As I continue organizing this beautiful seven week So many people are in pain. We are… Continue reading The Healing Sh*t ~ Goddess Training Workshop ~ Ep. 352

When You’re Just Not Feelin’ It! ~ Ep. 353

When you just don't give a fck! Some days be like that. Some days everything seems to be going wrong. Some days are filled with crazy stress, we miss our train, we slip and fall, our lunch falls out of our bag and splatters everywhere... and we feel like saying FCK it... maybe today I… Continue reading When You’re Just Not Feelin’ It! ~ Ep. 353

Method to the Madness ~ Ep. 354

This episode is about how I calculate the size of the book I am writing. My word count. My writing goals. There is a method to the madness. #killyourdarlings Writing prompts: The book I am writing is about... The genre I am writing... In the end what happens is... My intention is... MY INTENTION… Continue reading Method to the Madness ~ Ep. 354

Getting Into the Groove ~ Ep. 355

I had a great writing session for the Write the FCKING Story challenge. We created magic! The excitement when you are in your groove. I hit send, submitted to a writing colony. This episode is all about being in flow and celebrating good writing days because the shitty days are sure to come. #submissionsundays… Continue reading Getting Into the Groove ~ Ep. 355

No Days Off for the Writer ~ Ep. 356

HOLIDAY POST! Its Christmas and we still write! I have consistently risen to write... let me tell you what's lit! Your story is lit! Your characters are lit! Having a discipline and a practice is lit! We have a story that is just waiting for us to write it. When I show up my characters… Continue reading No Days Off for the Writer ~ Ep. 356

Card of the Day for August 19, 2019 | by La Santera

Response comes from:  DAMBALLAH WEDO (Rada, Ace of Swords). Today’s messages are about the breakthroughs that come after the breakdown. We are on the verge of something great. We are being called to protect our ori… our heads. May we be more mindful, feel more at peace and find more clarity as we move this… Continue reading Card of the Day for August 19, 2019 | by La Santera

How Energy Works ~ Ep. 357

How do we write when we coexist with other people and the energy does not always align? How do we get the writing done? How do we establish BOUNDARIES? It can be challenging to write around family... but NO is NO is NO! Today I meditate on protecting creative energy. Writing prompt/meditations: People constantly… Continue reading How Energy Works ~ Ep. 357

Messy AF ~ Ep. 358 #thewriterandthestory

Some titles don't require a backstory! This one is for all my #writers out there who are messy AF. I don't just mean disorder, chaos and disarray. The mess that surrounds us externally and internally. #writingpodcast #podcast #thewriterandthestory #mywriterslife How will we clean up the mess? Writing prompts: The mess I must clean up… Continue reading Messy AF ~ Ep. 358 #thewriterandthestory

When the Writing is Crap ~ Ep. 359

Some days you just don't have the words. Some days you don't know how to enter the story or where you even want to begin. Sometimes we writers really struggle with trusting our voice! Even the crappy writing is part of the process. What do we do when we lose interest in our words and… Continue reading When the Writing is Crap ~ Ep. 359