Writing from the Womb Available ONLINE

ANNOUNCING For the first time Writing from the Womb will be available as an online course. I am so excited to be able to offer a course where writers from all over the world can participate. All you need is internet and a laptop and you are part of this powerful community of writers. Because… Continue reading Writing from the Womb Available ONLINE

What Goes Up Must Come Down ~ Ep. 290

How would we recognize the highs without the lows? This morning I wake up thinking about all of the lessons that are learned from being in our darkest hours. #afrolatinashow #lifequotes #meditation #reflection #selflove #selfcare #selfworth #reflection #writing #podcast #stillness #quiet #mindfulness #spirit https://youtu.be/gqCAYsWd5XM TO BOOK READING EMAIL: lasantera.nyc@gmail.com CLIENT REVIEW: Did La Santera answer… Continue reading What Goes Up Must Come Down ~ Ep. 290

Writing Workshops, Pop Up Shop & Celebrations!

October 16, 2019 Newsletter No. 005 Good morning family! I believe that we are all called to pursue our passions yet only a few of us will be brave enough to answer. There are so many reasons why October is such an important month for me. October is a month of tremendous highs and lows. While I am a… Continue reading Writing Workshops, Pop Up Shop & Celebrations!

Writing for the Audience of ONE ~ Ep. 341

What keeps us from writing is, lo que diran!!! There is something that happens when we pay more attention to the outer/inner critic... Who are we bringing into our writing space before we even begin? What was that moment you first picked up the pen? What brought you to the page? Who do you write… Continue reading Writing for the Audience of ONE ~ Ep. 341

Staying the Course ~ Ep. 470

https://youtu.be/RGGagj30xJU Article I reference: A woman's greatest enemy? A lack of time to herself | Brigid Schulte | Opinion | The Guardian “There’s such a struggle going on in me!” Alma wrote in her diary. “And a miserable longing for someone who thinks OF ME, who helps me to find MYSELF! I’ve sunk to the… Continue reading Staying the Course ~ Ep. 470

The IN Group! ~ Ep. 464

https://youtu.be/9sEa34Mv0k4 Wishing you peace, love and prosperity!  Anabel **Subscribe and follow my blog to receive daily posts directly to your email**   Links to my work: Author website * La Santera blog  * Subscribe to my  Youtube channel! Podcast available on:  iHEART  * ITUNES  * Spotify  * Soundcloud IG: @_lasantera IG: @afrolatinamovement Twitter and Tumblr… Continue reading The IN Group! ~ Ep. 464

Day 18 ~ Everybody’s Winning

Some of us are worried that everyone is winning except us. Why are we comparing ourselves to others? Why are some of us obsessed with talking about what others are achieving and going after? Why are we holding ourselves to standards that are not realistic for us? "EVERYBODY IS WINNING!" we say. EVERYBODY IS DOING, I… Continue reading Day 18 ~ Everybody’s Winning