Writing from the Womb Available ONLINE


For the first time Writing from the Womb will be available as an online course. I am so excited to be able to offer a course where writers from all over the world can participate. All you need is internet and a laptop and you are part of this powerful community of writers.

Because we are a community together we will decide what is the best way to share work and provide feedback. What’s wonderful about the online option is that bonds still are formed using this format. The feedback we received is that those who participated online still felt part of the group.



Once you have made your payment on DOMINICANWRITERS.COM you will receive a welcome email and syllabus for the 9 week writing workshop. Link accessing the online session will be mailed the morning of class.


Must have access to internet and your laptop.

There are two ways to register:

ONE: IN PERSON SESSIONS (Max 15 participants) choosing this option allows you to attend the weekly writing workshop in person and you will also have access to the online version. ONCE WE REACH 15 this option is closed.

TWO: ONLINE SESSIONS ONLY choosing this option you participate from the comfort of your neighborhood library, favorite cafe or home. NO MAX PARTICIPATION

Please select which option when you register at Dominican Writers. IN PERSON CLASS CAPS AT 15!!!

Let’s write!

With love,


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