Clearing The Way for Writing ~ Ep. 337

How will you prepare for the week? What do you intend to create this week? #thewriterandthestory Visit my author website and join mailing list: TO BOOK A READING EMAIL: ABOUT MY READINGS:  Once payment is made, you can submit your questions. Provide your full name and date of birth. Choose how many… Continue reading Clearing The Way for Writing ~ Ep. 337

Victory & Ascension are my words of the Year ~ Ep. 376

It is never too late to start this year over... 2019 is about me calling forth VICTORY in all areas of my life. Today I am headed to a vision board workshop. I am focused on manifesting my writer's life. My priorities and plan shifted and changed when my brother was diagnosed with cancer. Where… Continue reading Victory & Ascension are my words of the Year ~ Ep. 376

We Care About What Others Think!

We Care About What Others Think! Ep. 49 ~ Afrolatina Show Why do we care what others think? Today’s diary is my reflection on seeking approval. “We want to be seen and heard. We want to be respected and validated. We want them to be proud of us. We want to be affirmed.” Some people’s… Continue reading We Care About What Others Think!

What WILL you complete in 2017? #WFW2017 #amwriting #finishit

Dear Writers, I have been thinking about New Year’s resolutions and the setting of intentions and life goals. In my case I have been meditating on my life’s purpose, writer's intent and writing goals. I started my year as I always do my ritual being to say goodbye to the previous year and to welcome… Continue reading What WILL you complete in 2017? #WFW2017 #amwriting #finishit

What makes life worthwhile?

"I'm always trying to write about the most important things that people do. The places in their lives where they feel the greatest stress, the places where they feel the greatest passion and how they deal with those things and how they survive them and make their lives go on. Being in love with somebody… Continue reading What makes life worthwhile?

Writing from the Womb Workshop

Perhaps this year you will know that YOU ARE A WRITER! This year's focus in Writing from the Womb is about complete surrender to the process of crafting a story, living in the world of our characters, writing with intention and committing fully to "Birthing the Story!" I have met many women who have risen to the… Continue reading Writing from the Womb Workshop

Day 203: You told me to show up!!! Where you at? #dearagent

Dear Agent; So it has been too many days since I have come to the page. I have hidden. I have procrastinated. I have run. I have been embarrassed to face you because honestly, I haven’t known what to say to you. They say, “just show up!” JUST SHOW UP and the creativity will just… Continue reading Day 203: You told me to show up!!! Where you at? #dearagent

Day 77: Show Up Every Day! #wewrite

This is the last of my writing mantras... SHOWING UP everyday is truly the hardest and most important part of the writing process. Its about showing up even when we aren't inspired. Showing up when the writing sucks. Showing up when we have nothing to say. Its about sitting in front of the blank screen/page and… Continue reading Day 77: Show Up Every Day! #wewrite

The Writing Coach ~ launches today!!!

For over seven years I have facilitated many writing workshops, curated showcases, and have spoken at some of the largest universities all over the United States and Latin America. Over the years I have discovered that the support, encouragement and sacred space I have created and provided for many writers here in the New York… Continue reading The Writing Coach ~ launches today!!!